December 2007 - Posts

the minarchist party... the anarcho-capitalist party... maybe even the Mises party... coming soon.

okay here's the idea.

political candidates can loose elections because of the 3rd party split vote. thus hurting the statesman and his constituency. it further hinders the constituency by the realization of the 2 party system, induce the populace to vote for the "winner" and not vote their conscience. or there is a dileama, either they vote their conscience and most likely end up with their last choice winning the seat, or they can vote forsake their first choice and settle for their 2nd choice. either option is not good.

here is the solution. to iplement a multiple cho

ce ballot system. in which the voter makes one fewer choice than there are people running for office. he votes for his first choice, his second, 3rd and so on. when the votes are counted, it is the votes of everyone's first choice that are counted. if a candidate recieves 50.01 percent of the vote, that is the end of the process. but if 50.01 percent is recieved by none of the candidates. the candidate with the lowest percentage of votes will be dropped. the ballots cast for him will be reread with the machine set to read the second choice, the machine will be set to read the second choice and the machine will also be set to only read the 2nd choice on those ballots where the first vote is for the most unpopular candidate.
if this results in a candidate getting 50.01% then its over, if not the next candidate with the least number of popular votes will be dropped and the ballots with him as first choice will be run through as aforementioned. also if any voter had voted first for the least popular canidate as his first choice, and the 2nd least popular candidate as his 2nd choice, his ballot would also be reread for his third choice.
again if this results in a candidate receiving 50.01% of the vote then its over. if not. the next candidate with the fewest votes is dropped. the ballots that chose him for #1 have their #2 counted, if that #2 was either of the previous candidates who had been dropped off, it ballot would be read at #3 or 4 if the #3 had been dropped. for anyone's whose 2nd or 3rd choice had been cast for this unpopular candidate, their ballot would be read as the # 3 or #4.
if this results in a candidate winning 50.01% of the vote then it is over. if not the pattern is repeated.

This will protect politicians from the 3rd party spoiler, it will also protect voters from having to choose between the lesser of 2 evils as they see it, or having to vote their conscience at the risk of seeing their last choice win the election.
most importantly it will stir debate and ensure that elected officials will be elected by a true majority, and not just a plurality.