January 2008 - Posts

FDA approves cloned beef, pork, and poultry, will not require labeling of cloned foods.

    The FDA, an illegal federal administration according to the Constitution and by all accounts an unnecessary function of government, has decided to allow cloned meats to be marketed to the public. But what has all the anchor men shook up and, from what they say the public shook up, is that the FDA won’t require labeling on the cloned meat. What a crime!

    But this isn’t a problem for a free market. So what if the cloned meat isn’t labeled? If there is public concern, even if there isn’t, Its very likely that one company or another, say Tyson will start to label their natural, non cloned meat. Problem solved. Its wrong for the government to even pretend to be able to determine what is safe or unsafe for individual consumption, I think I can figure that out for myself. But even at this stage, its unnecessary for the government to require labeling. The natural meat producers will take care of it.