Letter to the Editor.

We are 6 months out from the election now. As far as I am aware this is the first time that all the candidates going into a general election have already had a book published. Mcain even has 3 or 4. If it were not for the awareness of the political goals and manipulation of the authors, I would be greatly incouraged. but they are little more than talking pieces to go on with Oprah. There is one candidate who stands out. Ron Paul whom I still support. His book, which just came out last month talks more about the ideas that have influenced his life, than himself.  I suppose one could say this is only natural since Ron Pauls political carreer is coming to a close while Obama, Clinton, and even McCain are just moving up. but its more than that. of Course the mainstream candidates talk about issues in their books. but not about ideas. The difference between Paul and the rest of the field is that Paul has an overall consistency and methodology seeing how action in one area will affect other areas, while the other candidates do not have this depth, seeking only the greater good for the greater number on a case by case basis. And without an accurate overview of the whole the good intentions will bring more problems than solutions.  But the greatest difference, what is most inspiring and at the same time depressing is found on page 169 of Ron Paul's book, while it is found nowhere in the books of our top 3 candidates, nor in the books of a number of other so political heavy weights from both sides of the isle not to exclude Bill O'reily and Howard Dean. What I am talking about is what Ron Paul titled in his book as, " A Reading List for a Free and Prosperous America." Here Paul lists more than 40 authors and about 50 different books. everything from the Little Known works of Murray Rothbard to the famous yet little read work of Alexis TocQueville. ideology and political world views aside, Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who is really concerned with education, who wants to see a more educated and literary citizenry. he even recommends Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand including a note about her writtings, " I consider all of Rand's novels worth reading,  in spite of my strong disagreements with her on important matters." Paul desires for Americans to be well educated concerning Liberty, Government, and political theory. Clinton, Obama, and McCain only desire to convience the special intrests groups that they will be better off if they only choose them. Ron Paul won't win this election and I know that, but it clears my consciounce and even makes me feel better to vote for a man who is genuinly concerned witht the intellectual state of its citizens, who actively seeks for the betterment of America as a whole, but more importantly, one American at a time, and placing the charge on the individual to read and to educate themselves. Jesus is my shepard, my president should be a leader. 


FutbolGuru said:

I think this says more about Americans than it does about the candidates. Publishers wouldn't jump at these tomes of mediocrity were there not to be a fat cash reward at the register. Apparently, this is what fuels Americans now. Sad that literature should come to this. And none of these people are even writers, most specifically Sarah Palin. I'm not even convinced she can write a complete sentence because I've yet to hear her speak one. And I'm a conservative - or rather, a traditionalist.

# November 18, 2009 10:07 AM