(GAY) Marriage.

Before we get into marriage itself. I believe there is something to be said against the current tax code. I am for the tax break granted to married people insofar as the smaller a tax is, the closer it is to being no tax at all, and the better. All citizens should be treated the same. A proper ethic does not say all men (and women) should be robbed equally, but they should not be robbed at all.

Now lets talk about marriage itself. As to whether it is between 2 men, 2 women, one man and several women, or one man and one woman, I find the last to be the only one morally appropriate, But above that I say it is onlyh between adults and their creator, and not between them and government. Government has no role to play in the institution of marriage.

Instead of the gay community pressing for state sanctioning of their marriages, they out to advocate the elimination of the state’s involvement in marriage all together, because it is none of the state’s business. The Christian right should join in this movement but for a different reason, if they are intent upon “preserving” the sanctity of marriage, they ought to call for the abolition of state sanctioned marriages on the grounds that it is not the government, but God who brings two people into holy matrimony.

In either case I find the licensing or non licensing of people to get married by the state to be unconstitutional on the grounds of the right to assemble, and associate, and that is what a marriage is, whether 2 men, 2 women, or 1 of each, it is an association of those people.

Finally, this is not to say that gay marriage is moral, only that it is unethical for anyone to involve themselves in other’s affairs through the force of law, and again ultimately, that it is a greater evil to say that it is the state, and not God, or at best the state, partnered with God, that makes a marriage legitimate. Even with the state out of the marriage business, it may be difficult to find a church to marry two homosexuals. But then, ultimately it might not be an issue, if the state recognizes two people living together for 6 months as common law marriage, they ought to recognize just about any marriage.

Homosexual marriages should pose no threat to the true believer, if they believe that it is only God who sanctions marriages; what difference should it make to them what the state acknowledges as a marriage (which would be necessary in the case of divorce, and dispute settlements)?

From both the religious right and the gay community there should be a call for the separation of the state from marriage.