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Smoking bans lead to drunk driving.
Productivity Shock posted a great abstract on this topic. I would guess that any number of the following might be true and also contribute to the phenomenon in question, but might not be detectable by the existing data. 1. Bumming out cigarettes is more...
A tragicomic explanation of the tragedy of the commons
Are Smurfs a public good? Ryan Somma seems to think so. Apparently if no one owns something everyone must own and have a right to it. This article gets an A for effort but could use a dose of Coase. La la la la la la la... Read More...
The scariest paper I read today
As I'm bunkered down in the library this early evening plowing my way through back issues of Crime and Delinquency , I couldn't help but get sidetracked by reading this paper unrelated to my dissertation. Jill Leslie Rosenbaum and Lorrain Prinsky...