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March 2010 - Posts

Politicians again (again in Germany also)

what suprise. A German who wrote about German (In)Politicians.

Another round of impertinence. Now I don't know what fuel prices are in other countries, I just know  them from France and Germany, and especially
for Germany ;-). Ok now let's see price is around 1,40 €/l.. However that's just half the truth if you now that more than 75 % are taxes. Well  you have at least a few taxes
on it. At first it's a fuel tax and after that all an VAT extra (another 19%). So  prices would be around  60-70 ct/l. Now who cries the loudest  about "high" fuel price? You have one guess free.

That's what one can expect from politicians, FUD, and nothing more. If there is no enemy around, they construct one. If there is political nonsense around, well they will  find someone else to blame and if that doesn't help they will pile another layer of bureaucracy upon this political nonsense, and they will try to explain that with rationality.

Moral hazard² or not?

Just a reminder the EU president Baroso, wants an action to help out Greece.

The Maastricht Vertrag is very clear about this:

Die Union haftet nicht für die Verbindlichkeiten der Zentralregierungen, der regionalen oder lokalen Gebietskörperschaften oder anderen öffentlich-rechtlichen Körperschaften, sonstiger Einrichtungen des öffentlichen Rechts oder öffentlicher Unternehmen von Mitgliedstaaten und tritt nicht für derartige Verbindlichkeiten ein;


Read the union if not liable for the debts of any other country.

So the presidents asks for exactly the opposite. And he's still in charge....

Another "paper tiger". the EU countries are not permitted to have more than 3% new depbs of the GDP. Well there's probably just one or two countries around adhereing to this.

And again it shows, Fiat-money always falls back to it's intrinsic value -> nothing.



Really a big victory

Ok, Obama got his healt care "reform". Future will tell if it's was a vicotry or just a  Pyrrhic victory
I expect the latter one. I expect also that someday the politicians will learn that more laws does not
make for higher justice. It's the opposite the more laws there are the more injustice is around.

It will probably be the day where another war has been fought which nothing but destruction as result....


A new round of insanity

Ah, well somone would call it "Living in interesting times". I'd rather read it like, going to die.

The EU considers now (b)failing out Countries, our  first try Greece, next stop (who knows) but it can't took that long
till it's Germany. I guess this will be the mother of all failouts. I wonder which country can affort to buy out us Germans. I don't expect the USA beeing capable of that.
No bailout has worked till now but that does not hinder politicians to try again with another trillion...

Howerver if there are laws against such things. In short it's. "No country has to guarantee for debts of another country". So yes it was "never" allowed to do so, but
they're trying hard to "revert" that. And from there on moral hazard is all there will be. Who will judge which country to bailout and which one will be allowed to fail.

The end will be poverty everywhere and with high likliness, war. It never has been different and I'm not that optimistic that this will change. After the war there will no welfare any longer
just what people will  do to help another. And the buroeaucrats will linger in the background, waiting patiently to show there cruelty again...

It's depressing.

Politicians (in this case Geman ones)

Now a new level  of insanity.

I wrote about the CD with thought-to-be-tax-defrauders. Now there's new level of insanity.

At first the CD should be bought and after that there should be a new law established which makes this buy illegal.

You don't believe me.  I do not even believe it myself but it's written here


The title says: law against data theft

But in the middle one can read:

"Zuvor wird der Bund allerdings die in Baden-Württemberg und anderen Bundesländern aufgetauchten Steuersünder-Daten "

Read: "Before the state governement will buy the CD of tax-defrauders which have occured in Baden-Württemberg or other states"

They want to make illegal what they are first doing and for which they are paying high sums.




Figthing your own citizens

Just a small additon to the perversity of our German politcians.

There was a criminal complaint from one member of the "social-democratic" party. He wanted that the CDU/FDP in Baden-Württemberg would buy the
CD with stolen swiss bank data in the name of "fiscal justice"

So again it just shows how the most of German politicians think. All you money belongs to us. If we don't take everything from you it's a gift.
And so we got a so called tax gift.

You get how ridicoulous that is. The thief does not steal from you, he makes a gift to if he/she does not take all your money with him/her.

Germany logical?

Well just so much. Let us assume I steal something from you. Well the thief goes and tries to make the stolen things to money (or something else
worht something). The value from the stolen good was let's say 100 EUR. He tries to sell of of any price. Is the thief still a criminal?

Now the situation. A thief comes along with address data on a CD, stolen from a SWISS bank, he tries to make it to money claiming it contains a list
of tax evader. Now the state official buy this CD in the name of tax equality. What do you think is the state a criminal still?

Now if you are the majority in Germany and/or political affilated with the unions the answer is simply. The state has all rights to confiscate whatever it pleases, well I guess the side
mark would be (as long as it's not our so very social union). Now guess the insainty, you get robbed from the state with taxes and if you try to avoid this robbery you are in injustice. And even worse, even if the governement gets stolen stuff it can use it as proof of your "delict".

Aren't the Germans "wonderful", still after beeing 3 times bankruppt in a century, nothing learned. The "Wirtschafswunder" just an accident of free markets. Is it a requirement to be a moron to be a politician?