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The biggest political lies.

without a particular order: In Germany once the minister said: - The retirement payments are save. (well kind of he does not say what he means with save, so if it means everyone will get a few euros months it's probalby not a lie, taking into account the inflaton rate and payments for getting the retirement payments it will be a very bad deal for the younger generation) - politicians serve the commonality - we'll pay our debts - you're money is "safe" (spoken around 2 years ago from our chancellor Merkel) - tax equity - tax gift (well it's an amazing word combination. In Germany it means you do have to pay less taxes, and this is seen as gift.... Well how suprised would you be to hear from a thief, hey you here is your wallet I have taken it form you, probably the next question would have been how much worth is this gift to you ..." - social justice (meaning taking away from whomever can or can not afford to put it into the hands of bureaucrats, giving it away to thos in need (decided upon by you guess it right bureaucrats again) - equality rights laws. Well it means you can discriminat against whomever you like you just have to "prefer" someone which does not fall under that category. - a justified war... It's really one of the bummers... There are other very doubfull things, I spare them to you, but may mention them over time.