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August 2010 - Posts

Parole is out
No it's clear, the nuclear power plants should run 15 years longer. Well not really a suprise, but it' gets a little off when you see, what extra costa are associated with it: 1) there will be a tax on nuclear fuel elements 2) it's currently open if the big five (that's thos who have live peacefully in an oligopole here for "providing electricity") will have to "private found" research in renewable energies (isn't it funny that those supposed to provide electricity should not interested in any sort of electricity producing source?) If they won't do they will have pay into something controlled by the governement (I guess you see the route ahead) Still open are things like 1) liability (the GAA will just cost around 750 Millions that's the cap we have here in Germany) 2) waste (since around 40 or so years they have not the slighest idea on where to put the waste) Ah yes and it's all in the name of the environment. I guess the costs as Tchernobyl has blown up are just "peanuts... Funny enough it's a modern way of selling of indulgence. The end of the nuclear plants were just drawn at around 30 years. (no technical reasons given), now they got 15 years more (no technical reasons) given, but the get extra taxed for earning money with depreciated plants. And so you can see governement makes laws, governement changes laws on the run. It's just a question on how to bleed everyone as much as one can without killing. Isn't it that joyful?
Well still the same attitude
Well you might wonder where I've been. Well I was away with my wife to check our "possibilities" for emmigration to 2 different countries. They are among the "most" liberal in diverse rankings. However it seems leaving one's home land is not "easy" done. And so I'm afraid ( or quite sure) we'll stay in this country. Bad for me good for my wife and children I guess. But again it's the usual "social democratic" stuff. With a few new nicecities like modern selling of indulgences. Just see the discussion here about new taxes on nucelar fuel elements. We still have an SED around which currently runs under the following synonyms. FDP, SPD, CDU and we have the lefties like the greens and well how nice the Lefts. So as you can see, nothing new under the sun. Still all the politicians try to make our lifes more miserably. And well they succed more often than they fail. I can't reall find proper words to express how disgusting this all is....
Small bucket of wisdom
Just have learned it (nearly another time the hard way) If you think a deal is too good to be true, chances are very high that *it is* too good to be true. Be careful, keep your critical mind. Don't switch of your brain if the figures are "high". Well vote me down for it or hype my blog ;-) Friedrich