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September 2010 - Posts

Simple but legendary
Well I do not know how many of you can associate Ludwig Erhardt with something. However a books published in 1957 and now in it's eights or so edition. Still is as actual and valid as before. The most prominent example: "Price stability should be considered a base human right" Why is that simple but legendary. Well money is the mean to freeze demands. If anyone just spends all he/she has, nothing is left for investing. So someone must have act economical sound, such that he/she can afford not to spend all one's money. Now this money is earned at a certain point in time. And in that certain point in time the money has it's "original" value. Now what happens while prices are not stable? It's simple work in the past is devalued. How? Well simple the if money looses half it's value in let's say 10 years. The original save has been betrayed. And look into the big inflations. You always will see the honest man living withing it's bounds was betrayed. And especially in Germany who was responsible for this. Well in every war people should buy bonds, but this is just to make those keen on having war more or less happy. And well because they have the guns they do not argue about it they just make a law which demands that all the money has to be put into "war bonds". Well they will be named differently probably. But it's for stealing money of worth and living the creditors with the vague hope of economic recovery. Well after war there is alway economic recovery but it's not that the governements will ever pay back their debts. They will do currency cuts, deevaluate the old debts and isssue new worthless money. As long as they have the power to play with our values that way, any hope of improvements are vain. So how does your country handle price stability? See what happens in hyperinflations. See how poor one can get if money is no longer worth anything. There is not better way to ruin any country but through ruining their money. Now 60 years later this is still a simple truth. But it's also legend.
SPD revealed
Ok, now it was states. The SPD strives for a "new economy" with much more influence of the governement. What "exiting" news. We can prepare ourselves to drive down the path of prosperity, honesty etc. It will be more important to get the proper jobs at the governement. Eh wait what was this story about Greece. To get a nice paid job you better have good political connections. So hurray, this is it. Greece is bankrup, let's follow them. And you remember the governement controlled HRE. Again you just have to work 1.5 years for it at the proper position (surely anyting below CEO is out of discussion for a merited old SPD guy/ (sorry don't know the proper guy in feminine form) you can get a longlife retirement payment of just above 15000 EUR /month. Yes read that figure out loud, enjoy. Germany is still a nice place for living, it would be much nicer without all those deledefs...
Negative and positive discrimination
Well let us assume you're looking for a new car. You have your ideas about how your car should work or look. Fortunatly we can choose among quite a few car sellers. Now let's conclude you like a car for up to 7 people not too, tall. Fine there are e.g Sharan and Galaxy here in Germany. Well in the past this was the same car just branded differently. Now assume you find a Galaxy for 25 000 EUR and a Sharan for 25 000. Now you choose Sharan. Be cautius if car buying would be like anti-discrimination laws. Ford could sue you. Simple reason you have discriminated against Ford while you a) don't like the color b) don't like the sales person c) because the Ford was sliver instead of yellow or whatever. What would you tell Ford? Well if you are moderate you'd say: "Mind your own business". With high probability you'd say. "Go to ...." Now let's change this so person searching for a job. They are both the same age, the have the same grade, hell they even have the same marks. But one is as handsome a guy could be the other a girl at least that handsome. Your shop runs with 20-30 year old Nerds, which are full of Testerone. Whom would you "choose". Well bad decision. You either discriminate the handsome guy or even worse you discriminate because of "gender". So what would you tell the bureaucrats? Well you better find a sound excuse for your choice. If not you may in for around before the court. Well how do we make choices? Sometimes they are based on figures, sometimes they are a gut feeling. We simply do not know. But if you make an educated choice for a car. everyone agrees it's your business, if you make an educated guess with whom you like to work together, well be assured, someone may object and start crying: "Discrimination"
good-doers revealed
Now this was not unique but at least a nice statement of good-doers. In Germany there are quite a few limits on gambling. In fact there is a kind of monopoly on it for the governement. Now the EU has judged, that this does not conform to EU law. First statment of the leader of the opposition: "We need and will defend this monopoly" Of course it's just to save us from getting addicted to gambling.... Of course and the money gained from it surely is spend only and exclusively on helping the "poor adictives" Well I leave this further uncommented. Today in the BNN (one might thing of an independent press). Well the same, stated with a few other words but the essence is "Monopolys controlled by governement are good, addictives under "governement control" are good.." Bad is an monopoly not controlled by bueraucrats and sure all the addictives running around not under bureaucrats control are very very very bad. What the h.... driving this people? Don't they realize that they are thought-police? What's are the famous lines from Pink Floyds, The brick in the Wall? We don't need no education We don't need no thought control More lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/p/pink+floyd/#share Well our whole system of education is just to make us all: "another brick in the wall"
If you like money burnt
then I just have on advice to you. Ask for more political intervention. The examples on how efficiently money can be burned are legion. Let's see the biggest burning places for money in Germany. 1) budget for "social issues" 2) subsedies (well in EU land you get subsedies for nearly everything, so getting money is just knowing how to feed the bureaucrats with proposals and you get such strange things like subsedies for ski lifts in Denmark (a country well known for it's flatness) 3) EEG (this is a law which enforces the corporations which produce energy to buy currency from photovoltaics or other regenerataive sources, currently the price is around 10 ct /KWH but the companies have to pay astonishing 46,75 cents for energy feed in by PVS dating back to 2008. So the extra stuff are costs to be beared by every single consumer of currency. The last calculations tell that every work place in the PVS industry is subsedied with arounc 150 000 EUR. Which well is quite beyond every reason. However our politicians (sorry delebets) love this and sell it as a success story. Well yes it's a success story of hybirs of them, but you know as much as me, that they live in an ivory tower. And nothing related to reality can touch them.... 4) building oh, yes that are really nice burning places. One of the last most infamous examples Stuttgart 21 (a while railway station should be placed underground, you might thin oh fine let the DB do it. Where are you living. The DB is mostly governement contrrolled and one can not sink too much money in supporting this "clean" alternative. And so the costs have rissen from an initial 2.1 Billion! proposal to around 4.1 Billion in 2008 (which is the "last" barrier which allowed them to sign for starting the build) to estimats well beyond 10 Billions rumoured these days. (Last "serious" estimate was around 6.8 Billion.) So let's see that nealy 5 times the initial "proposal" this was done around 15 years or so ago. So the "inflation rate" is roughly 12,5 %. That is roughly 4 times as high as the "official" inflation rate. Let as assume they really made it till 2019. Let us assume the inflation rate would stay at 12.5 %. Then the end price would be (assumng 7 Bio as "middle estimate" ) 7 * 1.12 5** 9 = 20.20 billions. The studies done by DB itself state that the build makes economic sense up to the price of roughly 4.8 billions. "Für die Deutsche Bahn sei das Projekt bis zu Gesamtkosten von 4769 Mio. Euro wirtschaftlich." (see: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuttgart_21#Kostensch.C3.A4tzung_von_Dezember_2009) If you can read German just see the conditions for them beeing "economical sound". If you do not care here's but one figure for it: 1.3 Billons that's the "costs" for the DB. Well I bet all the other costs have to be beared by evry single tax payer. Now tell me about a nice warm fire place. Get near our governement and you never will freeze again, you may get burned but well the wounds will be paid of by tax payers also eventuallly. Sorry delebts is a weak name for such terrorists....
Politicians = actors?
in some bad or worse movies? Well we had once an ex-actor as President, but currently it seems we just have actors no politicians any more. Sarkozy tries to hide away with all the bad things and corruptoin while mass-deporting Roma to Romania. Well so far so bad. But then he claims he has spoken to our chancellor Merkle. But she does not know of anything. So one of them is lying. Because of other decisions of Sarkozy, my guess is that it is him. Well sometimes other countries have even worse deledefs than we have. But the race is tight, I guess we'll hit back very hard some time soon. So stay tuned to the "wonderful" world of Deledefs, and you know this stories will be continued....
Kind of funny
well of course what is fun is in the eye of the beholder. However here in Germany someone has said something again forgeigner. Agreed we have the most negative record of all countries in that regard. However if you state simply trues you are rassist? This can't be right. Just see around in AUS/NZ/USA and you see some foreigners prefer to stay among themselves. And well what else but hanging around together are the China Towns? Well as a libral you should not bother whom stick to whom. But it's not something one has to be ashamed of to a request that people living in a country have to speak the country language. However this is not the point the point is how the "good people" react on such simple trues. They really start howling and crying. And the best is claiming that nobody is allowed to speak that way. And now we got it there must obviously a Ministery of Truth and the Good people must lead. That really is a shame. They ask for free speech but oviously only for themselves. Other people rights? Who cares. It must be PC speak and good speech. Orwell would have loved it.
As you might guess
I'm quite sensible about anything governement. IMHO this whole stuff is just established to feed vermins. So I'm extremly paranoid if it comes to data in the hand of the governement (let's name it shorter enemy). I'm a regular reader of comp.risks and this is "breat-taking". " Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2010 10:35:59 +0200 From: Peter Houppermans Subject: German goverment ID already cracked Surely this is some sort of record. "Public broadcaster ARD's show 'Plusminus' teamed up with the known hacker organization 'Chaos Computer Club' (CCC) to find out how secure the controversial new radio-frequency (RFID) chips were. The report shows how they used the basic new home scanners that will go along with the cards (for use with home computers to process the personal data for official government business) to demonstrate that scammers would have few problems extracting personal information. This includes two fingerprint scans and a new six-digit PIN meant to be used as a digital signature for official government business and beyond." http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=10/09/02/1747213: " Unfortunatly in my day-to-day life I have to live with other monstrosities under "tight" governement control. It's about the waste-management companies here in Germany. Probably after the tax laws and work laws, this is the most convulted field one can imagine. Their newest master piece is named EANV. This is a combination of the worst of governement (really massive data allocations) and indstriy (bureaucratic as one just can imagine) witht cost probably in the Billions every year. And well anyway the name gives away the intentions very clear (that does not happen often) , it should be that to ease the "contro". So yes all the companies are bleeded to get them under tighter control...... Well I'm against that kind of control it's BB at work and BB is governement. So of course I'm against it....
Yet another few billions
Well maybe you know the book with the title "the never ending story". Well we have a political follow-up to it. It's called HRE. The German have sunk (officially around 100 Billions) into it from 2008 till yesterday. And suprise out of the blue another 40 billions are at stake. That makes up an astonishing 140 billions for just one bank. Our whole budget is around Einnahmen 2010: 239.600.000.000,00 (income) Ausgaben 2010: 325.400.000.000,00 (expenses) Defizit 2010: 85.800.000.000,00 (new debt) Davon für Verteidigung 31,1 Mrd, Arbeit u Soziales (inklusive Zuschuss in die Rentenkasse) 146,8 Mrd, Schuldentilgung und Zinsen 40,4 Mrd. So 2/3 of the whole income of 2010 was sunk into HRE till today. And guess what the budget for work and "social stuff" is 146,8 Billions. Let's get it to down to more comprehensable figures. If you'd earn 3000 EUR/Month. 2000 of it would have to be spend on losses. Welcome to deledefs land of plenty. Plenty of other peoples money.....
Things I simply do not understand
Well here in Germany there are currently 2 big themes. a) the longer running nuclear power plants b) the building of Stuttgart 21 (a new railway station in Stuttgart with new high-speed connections etc pp) This things seem to be unrelated (and maybe they are) but there are connections between them. At first both seem to ignore technical sound decisions. Either the plants are safe than, they there is not technical reason to shut them down. Or they are not safe than the must be shut down. Now Stuttgart should get an underground railway station. Well I can not decide if this is sound or not. However currently they have let's say aroun 21 rails. And the railsway station is a dead end. So the trains have to run in and run out in the same direction. Such railway stations have a long history. E.g all the railway stations in Paris are of the that kind. And they do not bother to change that. We have other stations here in Germany which are of the same kind too, it's not discussed to change that. So make up your own mind about it.. Now let's see the economical facts. 1) without regards to the nuclear wastes, nuclear power plants are extremly powerful and I bet not many other things can produce currency that cheap. But what if you take into account all the troubles with the nuclear waste. I see there money sums one hardly can "ignore" Just imagine if Josef has saved 1 EUR 2000 years ago. And (not taken taxes into consideration) and just a interest rate of 2 %. Jesus now has a fortune of 1 * 1.02 ** 2000 = 1.586147e+17 = 158 614 700 000 000 000 EUR to his disposal. As we know he lives forever.... 2) Stuttgart 21 was initially calculated with 1994 around 2.5 billion EUR currently they are talking about roughly 6.4 Billion Euro based on prices of 2008 (see e.g. http://www.kopfbahnhof-21.de/index.php?id=317) that's nearly a trippled price. The currently political "covered" price is 4.1 Billion. Again I ask yo to make your own mind about it. So for me the economical facts are clear. Nuclear power plants are unpayable if we take the problematic of the nuclear wast into our considerations. Anyway without that they are "cheap" and well now the politicians want to tax them not just one time but a few times. So in fact they do not care the least about the costs of it in 20 or so years. They grab all the money now and deferr the costs to the next generations. In fact politics are unsustainable. And the arguments are again another hit on your head with a hammer. It's because of the "global warming". Global warming is another argument they use to extend their power base. The facts are not that clear and that it's mean-grown is at least arguable. Even if the Alarmists have done everything to make it look like the "end-of-the-world". I propose one checks the mid-age climate optimum or how it is names. We are probably not even sure about this times, but we know for sure that warmer weather is the end-of-it-all theses days? Both Events have another thin in common. It's "We are right, whatever the price"..... And well we know how badly wrong politicians usually are. In Germany 1.7 Billion speak against "getting" it right. The big financial crises, is 100% political infliced. But hey there's always a cure to too much politics, it's more politics. I hope one day we get rid of this Bastards....