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Inflating new bubbles

Unfortunately nothing was learned. As you may have registered the stock markets are going up. Well the suprise is not that large. There is so much funny mulitcolored paper available. Once it was known as curreny but it's does not have any worth. So Gold is up over 80% in two years. And the stock have gained nearly as much. Currently you can even use this funny paper too buy houses for quite less of it. That bubble has burst around 2 years or so ago. Now the next bubble is raising, maybe it's time to get rid of as much of this colorul paper as possible and take something no-one can raise artificially (at least not to a large extent). I propose investing in land. See that it's fertile. The day will come where you'll have to pay too much colorful paper to get full. How it will come to that day. Well the argument of the deledefs and bureaucrats will be: "We had no choice..."


dabum2005 said:

Why land?  It's still taxed/ governed by the state here in the US.

# December 11, 2010 3:00 AM

Friedrich Dominicus said:

Why land?. Yes you're right it will get taxed but it will help you to survive. And it will be the ground of any future growth. What will happen if there will come another civil war. This time it may be those in "control" against those ruled. Do you really expect that this all will go well and without violence. Just imagine another 25% more of the money will go through the hands of bureaucrats or "democratic legalized defrauders" (or in other words politicians). Please consider reading Atlas shrugged and see what might happen. You will thrown back to care that you get fed. And there you need land. Yes they will tax you, but you still will have a chance to sustain.

# December 12, 2010 11:48 PM