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January 2011 - Posts

Another brick in the wall
Now again an example of positive or negative discrimination. This times it comes from Röttgen minister for the environment. He will ban all electrical things which are not under the best 10% in energy consumption. Well so you probably have to buy the most expensive versions of a product. It's typical, the politicians decide what is good for us. and the costs are irrelevant. But hey ho if it comes to himself he spends big. According to thishttp://www.bild.de/BILD/politik/2010/03/03/umweltminister-norbert-roettgen/gestaltet-teuer-sein-buero-um.html. His bureau will cost more than 4.5 millions more than planned. Now that's really "nice"....
Just something I reread today
Yes it's from myself but still it seems to be more than actual. http://fdominicus.blogspot.com/2008/10/spare-money-now-spend-it-later.html I'm quite fond of the last paragraph. It's the answer to "we had not choice"...
And if you don't comply
we're putting off our gloves... Or is there another motto for deledefs or "leader". After Tunesia the people in Egypt want "their" live. And guess what happens?

Well qu'el surprise, the leaders send out the violant forces like police.

And guess what they do not just stand around, but actively beat the demonstrants and if you're unlucky they shoot at you.

Conclusion: Nice words are for free, the balls are for everything and everyone else.

They layer sometimes is a bit thicker or thinner. Examples for violence against the own population can not just be seen in the underdeveloped country, Just see a few photos films from Stuttgart 21 and you see Germany is not better. And that with our history....

We still are a rats pack of obedient cowards. All kinds of secret police was perfectioned here. And still we believe in the "good" nature of a fatherlike country.... It's as if we'd free every murder or worse, give them the guns and ask them to "keep" the public down.... It seems you just have to ask a German to be a jailor and he/she does whatever barbarous ones wants. It's probably for something higher....

Shame on you/shame on us
Well there's the old saying "Trick me once, shame on you, trick me twice shame on me".

I guess it sounds a bit different in the ears of deledefs. There slogan may be. "rob you, shame on you". I have written about the surely illegal actions for Greece and other failout-countries. Fact is the treaty from Lisbon forbids bailing out, but the deledefs do not care.

Now Greece has even betrayed everyone and corruption is all around. So the money was sunk. I still is going on the billions for "saving" Greece are "gone". The debts still are there, now the raid starts again. This time the debtors should accept lesser debts. So fact is Greece has betrayed, the Greek have robbed every single EU citizen and now we should honor that "betrayal" with accepting lesser debts. So again wrong is right and right-doers are wrong and have to pay again. This is "justice" in EU sense.

As written, we rob yous still you are guilty to not support us".

They know they are wrong-doing, but instead of doing the right things, they put more pressure on everyone and do everything they can do higher the probability that the "nation" will stand up against them. They restrict freedom whereever they can an build higher and higher barriers to not get prosecuted.... That's the "nations" pride!!!!

What kind of world will our kids see. A world in which betrayal is honored, right doing will get punished. A world where honest work is not honored, it only is a mass for the arbitrariness. Still they will not get any value out-of-nothing. There will not way of printing oneself out of misery. However those having still left some property will have to pay again and again and again...

The notion of "nations"
I really wonder what's the fuzz about it. I've seen a very depressing documentary on Arte about the US civil war. And I was "terrified". Why was it worth so many debts to "keep it 'one' nation". Why was it ok to Lincoln to let literally tens of thousands die? What would have happened with two "united nations"? Nothing, the both would have had the same tongue. and they could have lived peacefully side-by-side. But no it has meant killing over any bounds, devastation and desperation on every side. Was it worth it? They wrote one city heavily under bombardment, has not celebrated the 4th of July for 81 years after this terrible war. I just can say they were 81 years 100% right... The glory of the 4th of July were on tens-of thousand graves....
Let's talk about democracy
Would you agree if I asked "We all are "democrats" ....?

Do you?..

Let's see what it means. Democracy means some figures are the "majority" and can decide for all. So let's talk our "beloved" Germany as example. We have around 80 Millions men in here. Let's be generous and assume 10 000 000 millions of them are children. They are excluded from every vote. Let's assume 5 millions are divere foreigners with not voting rights here. So we're down to around 65 millions. According to the BNN here in BW around 7.8 millions are allowed to vote (with around 14 millions living here) so with all means let's assume just half the living beengs here can vote. Now how's it with the majority than?

Now it gets worse. Just around 2/3 of them reall do go voting so we are down to 40 * 2 / 3 = 26.67 millions. Majoritiy? Now let's see the last voting result CDU around 35 %, FDP around 15% so over all 13,33 millions.

So 13.33 millions do decide for 80 million people. Well I can not see a much poorer picture. Just around 1/8 of the men here, can decide what to do. And it's getting worse it's not possible to question their doings. Laws may be abiden , but maybe not. And if you think it can not be worse. There is not way for more than 300 million people to questions the doing of the EU. Because the EU is not a democracy but a partycrocy. (will say just parties of the diverse countries can decide) and then we go down to all member of diverse parties. Which "rule".

I'm afraid we are have to live after rules from a few thousand people. With hardly a safety net to prevent them intruding our private lifes. These few thousand people have taken all of us hostage and a big machine to shelter them from us. They give orders to those under arms and well they make laws we have to abide to but they don't. In Germany many laws are just for the "non politicians"....

Even if we'd have Saints as "rulers". There is the all present threat of using force against you. They make the laws and they own the guns. They will come to your house take and inform you. Well sorry, but this country you own is needed by the "public" you better be prepared to loose it. Oh yes you can try to fight them, but fact is they have stolen things which were owned by the disfunkt GDR. But the original owners did not get back their property. Another always present threat is simply "go-to-jail". You won't abide to pay your taxes -> go to jail, you do not want your children in a public school -> go to jail.

So is this a desirable way of "living". I'm afraid I disagree.

The base of all living together is to 1) abide to the property of anyone 2) contracts.

If you than just add one simple thing. "Don't do to others, what you do not want to be done to you". And we are fine. Current politics means "I know what's best for you and you better follow"..

So is democracy all that good? I happily conclude: "No". It just can get a bit better if you always can request the actions of your politicians. We do not have this extra in our Grundgesetz, and the current deledefs do no allow us deciding upon our constituition. (Believe it or not our Grundgesetz is just a provisional arrangement).

déjà vu

Who does remember?



Just a bit over 2 years ago. Paulson demands 700 billions to his disposal. He got it and the US sunk a few other trillions in "bailing" out.


Now see Baroso and Trichet. There is an illiegal safety chute for the EU (up to 750 Billons) and what do they demand?






Guess once.






Guess twice





They (Baroso and Trichet) fear a much more stressed Euro. And it just can be relieved by getting




Guess once again




mo' money

Insanity ? Sure. sustainable, no. Good idea? no, Will they get the money, you can bet they will.



The dangers to Tunesia
One can drive away a dictator and strand in a bigger dictatorship than before. Especially if one believes in those promising wealth and whatever positive you may like. Just think about it with care. If you allows religion to be he "guide", war is inevitable. The seam is seeded, the promises of a better "future" are out. They will tell just with religion anything will work. If you believe that you lost. If you allow the military to take over you lost also. There's but one way to gain something. At first see after stable money, if you believe in promises of plenty of money for everyone, you lost. If you allow a bureaucracy, you lost. So there are many ways to loose, and getting it right will be tedious. Fact is: - If you do not drive away the bureaucrats of your old dictator, you loose. - If you do not honor property, you loose You best chance in this crazy times are: - stable money with real value - contracts. See that the contracts of the dictatorship are truly examined. Chances are high that FUD has "done" it's share of work. Be very careful to confiscate anything. If you try to find a scapegoat you loose. There's not just one of it. The establishment of you politicians, military and bureaucracy, must have been "kind" to you dictator. Otherwise they would not get into those positions. If they got in positions of power, they've charged you. If you let them get away with it, you loose. If you let take revenge the better of you, you loose. However if you do not show that you see the bad things having been done for some or many of you, you loose also. We in Germany have gone through it some 20 years, ago. The peace is flaky, and the wrong-doers are still in high positions. Millions of people did not get any of their property, but everyone is taxed to build up the mess of the "socialism". Among others this is a think people feel as beeing wrong. However the establishment of the lefties, does keep their head up and start again, thinking about a "democratic socialism". You can bet after some years or maybe just months have passed, someone will say: "It wasn't that bad"... The establishment will fight you on every occasion, if you do not limit its power, you loose. It's an extremely tough time. I wish you all the best.
The ever ending story?
I wonder when will we be relieved? Will we ever see the day where debts will not be glorfied? Will we ever come back to serious earning money by providing goods and services, or will we also get hindered by bureaucrats? This time Portugal has successfully raised new debts. Is this a success? Well I ask you if you have 100 000 EUR debts and get another 10 000 is that a success? Too much debt is the disease not the cure, but who but austrian oeconimics do get that. I'm sure, the country first to ban debts and introduce real money, will be the land of plenty for "normal" people it will be hell for "bureaucrats , politicians" or short deledefs. What land of plenty would you prefer?
what else? ....

debts again. This time it's not in the US (they are just facing bankruptcy, but don't worry. they will raise the allowance to make even more debts) but the EU


This time it's again about the PIGS  states. Ireland has taken somewhere around 70 billions, now we have to see what Portugal will take. Of course with the usual tam tam. The have to save and the harshest  sanctions will take place if they will not do this or that or whatever.


You know what this is worth. It's not even worth the typing I do for it. More debt as cure to too much debt. It's the same old song, we've heard for years now. And heaven forbid if we simply allow Portugal to get

bankrupt. The world will come to a grinding halt...



If it comes to debt
nobody can beat the USA. The unbelievable sum is somewhere around 14 000 000 000 000 (14 trillions) the new debt every day is a around 4 000 000 000. That are new debt of around 1 200 000 000 000. And yet it's not "enough", As we learned Geither wants the "right" to make even more debts. It's interesting, a problem caused by too much debt trying to heal with even more debt. And we are talking about the "official" debts, one can not even imagine the diverse hidden debts. Fact is if the Chinese will start selling bonds, the USA is "finished".

And yet the live as there is no trouble nearby. They initiate programs which are unpayable. But they still pretend it's "social" justice. I guess it's very "just" if we head for another kind of civil war. Not ever in history there was so much debt out there, which lacks nearly any substance. Sure they've build houses like mad and what has happened, they are unsellable. There are regions where you can buy a house for few dollards, but after that comes the gruel awakening. You will get taxed, you will get taxed like mad. And this is "just"? California is bankrupt, and still they are doing as before.

I wonder when they will see that debt <> richness. Some of the deldedefs are dreaming of the "perpetuum mobile". It does not matter if money is backed by anything it's just important to throw out even more money at every problem and steal it from every living men in the US. They think people are so stupid to never realize that debt <> wealth. And yes the grow up there own lower class, because we know democracy is great and equality is even greater one men one vote is the "most just system imaginable". If it means having the lower class vote for oneself because of benefits..., than it's an easy deal

Make saving a "stupid" thing, make debts the "real" thing, tax away hard working people and give it to the spongers. And because you do not want to have it that obvious introduce a new bureaucracy which has to look after the sponger, and say you need this bureaucracy to see that they do not live on expense of the others. This is to keep the honest people calm. Or even better try to make them all addictive. Addictive to the benefits of the great fair nannystate. Give those left right-doers the impression it's them who are guilty of any poverty and that just the big government can do anything about it.

FDP on it's way out?
I'm puzzling. Yesterday the probably most important meeting of the FDP has took place. It seems the current point of view is: "Keep on going, don't change anything".

Last vote the FDP got roughly around 15%

During the last two years they have given up nearly everything what can be remote attached to "liberal". Result in surveys the FDP just gets below 5%. So I'm quite impressed that going down the drain is that good a way.

I was thinking, that one might see the results of the last votes, and think about why one has seen such results. I was once a supporter of the FDP but after such years, one can not name the FDP a "liberal" home any more.

It's kind of sad but liberal in Germany means everything but liberal. It does not mean see that you get along yourself, take your gains take your losses. No it means kind of socialism for the "rich". So liberal means "if it went well" take your gains if something turns out bad. Well take the tax payers as hostages. Very "liberal" ...

Now we know what's serious and what not
Germany the land of extremes.

Well I guess nobody else have heard about it there is food scandal here about a substance called (Dioxin). Our public law television institutions have reported about it for more than 5 minutes.

The diverse billions of any "safety" chute were treated within 10 seconds.

Oh, yeah you have to eat quite a few eggs to take in harming amounts of venom. I just can conclude a bankrupt of our country can't be more serious than eating a few eggs.