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March 2011 - Posts

One can see the end
it's kind of amazing. Here in Germany we can see a party dying. This party is dying because it is overwhelmed by cancer. The cancer is names, environment, lies and breaking of treaties.

I once was member of the party FDP which was kind of liberal party in Germany. But guess what has happened?

Indeed 2 years ago the voted for the diverse failout-plans (this was the begin of the dying)

The have reopened the discussion about nuclear power plants and how long they are allowed to run. The treateis for exiting out of this technology were underwritten (well it have been the Greens and the SPD) but anyway. The changed the rules and treaties just a few months or so ago.

The was a voting in two countries and the FDP has lost heavily. In BW (a liberal voting country) they lost 2/3 of the votes. In RP they are "out".

Now coms the death turn. They overthrow their own treaties (dead-sin for any liberal) and are not against every nuclear power and want to end it earlier than even the Greens.

You just can loose so much creditibility and well this was the last thing. They've errected a tombstone with the simple words "R.I.P FDP"

Now you know nature does not only destroy nature re-invents itself over and over again. Every spring the wonder of life is shown to us. And so the end of the FDP does mean there will be a new flower named "Liberty". Sticking to it will see a wonder of "revival". I hope I will be part of it, maybe I will even be among them. So wish me luck ....

A really nice idea
Visit: http://sweasel.com/archives/5704 Look out for ScubaFreak and start playing BULLSHIT bingo. Nice done....
Funny the things I once wrote
I have cited myself before and do it again. I stumbled upon this: http://fdominicus.blogspot.com/2010/01/no-suprises.html

I wrote it a year ago. And still it's as actual as ever since Obama was "choosen".

dead reace (was debt race)
Well I hardly could believe that: http://www.spiegel.de/flash/flash-25145.html

It's about the not covered expenses in the different states. Now I was thinkin California was "bad". Well it is but there are worse states. Nevada has a deficit of 45.x % that means for every dollar they spend they have to get a credit from 45 ct. This is impossible to bear for anyone... But togehter the picute is even more dire. More than half of the states have a deficit beyond 10%.

10% deficit means withing 7 years you double your debts. This is unbearable. And so one has to conclude. The US is broken. They are acting as "super power" but well if the machines all destroyed in war. They can not even buy them anew.

Those having read this blog know what I think of debt. Debt is evil and it's even worse for governments because they take everyone of us as hostages. Even if the Land is bankrupt, the bureaucrats will find a way to suck up everything they can get from their "citizens". All in the name that the "state" does know better. Well there lies, statistics and deledefs speak. You just have to keep in mind double-speak is "politicians" land. The name it political-correct or whatever but it means they lie, and lie again and if that does not work they put out their guns and ask "kindly" for you money. Well there's still one more efficient things taxes. And so they name their thefts "tax" and taxes are "ok" and because they are ok they can get it by whatever means they find.

Just and unjust wars?

Well what's so very special about Lybia? Why is it "ok" to go to war with them but why not to  any other dictatorships?

We all know it can't e civil rights, because they never were a problem in the past and still ain't a problem with a lot of other countries.  In front of them all China. We even know civil rights are disputable by the US. Or can anyone see anything else but that with Guantanamo.

Now  you may say: It's the oil stupid. I'm afraid this does not buy you anything. Lybia always has delivered. So no this seems not to be the reason.

Now let's ask another way. Who started it all. The French "president" Sarkozy. So now we probably come to the real reasons. At first his party is hard pressed by the NP and his popularity is "gone".  France has as other European Countries too much debt and the population gets older and older. There are not reserves  and so it seems extending the power of France over their "border" and getting hands on somthing as important as the Oil from Lybia is, you've to admit, appealing.

If we consider that Politicians (sorry deledefs) are masters of double-speech and double-think. It all falls into places. You say we must get rid of the dictator and let Lybia get "democratic". Now in the back he probably think: "and well they better get democratic the  "french" way. You probably can say. "Well we the French will help you build up your society" and you can bet they'll promise sending money. Money they don't have but you know we just have to take more credit and all is fine.

In return you may come to an "agreement" which allows some government controlled corporation (France is full of them) to exploit the  Oil fields. And suddenly the pieces fall in place. You get some thing people "want" and desire "oil" and you get money and "more" power and control

This sounds reasonable for the french intentions. It does not explain the participation of the US and GB. But GB seems to always be ready to go to war for whatever reason. Maybe it has something to due with "Britannia rule the world" or  the like. One things the least interested country be the US. But I guess they still think of themselves as the "super power", they have  not get it that they are "loosing" this status. Too much debt and too far extended war areas have brought down every imperial. Just think of Alexander the "Great", the Persian, the Mongols, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Greek, Rome, Germany, Great Britain, France etc.

No super power ever in the world was able to extend their influence above a certain level. And it seems the US are following this route. They simply can not afford going to war "everywhere" they did loose in Vietnam, and well you can't say they won in Afghanistan. So yes I think they overstretched their possibilities. But seeing that and accepting it are "different" pair of shoes....

There' can't be any doubt that Ghadffi is a dictator int the worse sense. He has oppressed all the citizens but those which currently favour him. However the US, and we all will see that getting rid of a dictator does not mean get rid of dictator ship. For that one needs a "complete" defeat as we've seen it in Germany. But still after the WW II many of the "high" rollers get high positions in the "new" country also. You know bureaucrats are unflexible if dealing with people like you an me, but are high flexiblity on whom rules they follow. However the Germans were fed up with the nazis, do we know if the population of Lybia is also?


We also remember the US have supported the fundamentalists in Afghanistan as they were on war with Russia. The same which have started their actions in the US. Al Kaida was obviously financed by much of American money, as they were aimable. They spend their money on weapons and brain-washing. And now the US is trying to defeat them... It's not unlikely that the rebels are  of the same kind. So it seems the US better had not followed France. I bet even if Ghadaffi has gone, we'll here from Lybia and "terrorists" again. And that after the failed war in Afghanistan. The politician of US and other countries do not learn.....


The debt race

Well you know what I think about debts. It's the "evil", and piling up debt after debt is a sure way to loose really big.


It seems in the USA two countries are hard struggling to be the biggest loosers. California   http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/california-bankrupt and Illionois: http://www.newgeography.com/content/001360-is-illinois-bankrupt

 The race is tight but it seems Illionois is more "broken" than California.

One even can read that partly IOUs were issued. http://blogs.moneyandmarkets.com/martin-weiss/california-defaulting-on-its-obligations-with-ious/429

And bills are left unpaid for months.

Now how long will it go on?

How many measurements do exist
For deciding if one goes to war or not?

So there will be a flight-prohibited zone above Lybia. Well what about Bahrain? What about Yemen?

The french president clams a "vicotry" also above Germany. Oh yeah, the french go to war (but only Lybia) they do nothing for Bahrain or Yemen. I guess that's "just"

I can't tell what would be a proper "reaction". But it's obvious that this is as arbitrary as it can get. Ah yes Quadaffi is "brutal", what a suprise!. For 30 years it was good to be "kind" to him how many were killed during that time or just vanished? But no Quadaffi was good because he "stabilizes". What? Ah yes the fundamentalists. What a a nice "thing".

I wish all the men in north africa peace, an the freedom to say "thanks, but no" we do no need politicians. There's nothing good to be expected. As long as corruption and nepotism is "the way of live", no one can live in peace. I'd suggest opening all frontiers, getting rid of all the politicians and go back to money with "real" value. If they don't to that the way is chrystal clear the "choosen" (by whatever means) control the money, the print it and use if first. Quaddafis fortune is estimated to be between 20 - 150 Billions. Have he worked for that money? No he has the guns and got it from everyone by force. What a "great" man.

He is and was rich enough to buy soldiers as he liked. And well it seems those bought have not problems killing whatever comes along. Be it other soldiers, men, women or children. So yes he should "be sued" for it. But why then stop with Quadaffi? There's not reason for that really. All this countries are more or less led by "clans" and so how many of them should "be killed"? We have accepted them as "real partner", the policitians and manager have visited them to "get into business". So either they were wrong the whole time or they are wrong now. When was the time wrong became right and when was the time where write became wrong? I don't know. But I know that nearly all of the population have suffered under their "leaders" and so I wish them all that their "leaders" will have to go.

However I'm sceptical, there will be new "leaders" and it's not unlikely that the will be as bad as the earlier ones... Maybe even worse. Who knows?

It goes on and on
Yes the EU safety chute should get fixed. This time with "much" more hefty punishments.

If a country does not do this or that then the get very high fines. (Might be interesting trying to fetch that fine if the country is bankrupt, but I guess this is just a secondary thought.)

Biggest sin: Buying from bonds of "any" country through the ECB. Zimbabwe and FED are greeting....

So we'll go on with this Ponzi Schemes of curing too much credit with eve more credit. I thin Japan will take the lead this time. They have to rebuild their country. And so they'll flood th world with new money.

I come back to my predictions. It seems a lot of them will get fullfilled earlier than thought. And one day they suddenly will find "no-one" accepting this worthless sheets of paper any more. And then it will not be the states and governments which have "send everything down the drain". Iit will be the "capitalists" .... Atlas shugged get's more and more a documentation.

German magazines are just disappointing
If it comes to a least three themes 1) politicians and there wrong-doing 2) environmental questions 3) demanding more laws.

There was one of the most devastating earth quakes ever in Japan, the only "intersing" theme are nuclear plants... And they start bashing on the technolgy. Nothing but this technology has prevented that less casualties. Just remember the big flood in 2004 more than 200 000 dead. The Japanse may get away with below 50 000 dead. That in such an crowded environment

Now the magazines declare the end of the nuclear power plants. This is "so ridicolous". Germans are very "selective" about this, and the news magazines do everything they can to raise their fears as much as they could.

One of the biggest frauds has taken place last weekend, the "wrong-doing" of bailing-outs should be "fixed". Do you think anyone mentions it (in the "larger press), no just a few blogs mention it....

The french president has found another guilty groups the "speculants". Ah yes how original and how "untrue". But hey you know the Ps are right the citizens wrong. That's a fact and the news magazines honor this "fact".

It not just the magazines but also the government "wanted" television. The themes are as if they have a deal. We do everything to keep the citizens within the current political direction. With special support for "environmental" question and of course bashing capitalists. Do you think there is pointing out where the deledefs all do wrong? Ha, think again....

Obama has overrund His Insanity
Well I could write: I warned you for Mr Obama and thiis would be 100% true. Fact is: Obama has broken one of the first promises he had given. The closing of the not to be tolerated Guantanamo. He lied, there can be no denying. Now the uncovered military tribals can "start again". Now how much more unjustice you like to get from your President?
Snake oil sellers
Well if anyone thinks quality easing is anything but unsound, then I'm afraid you are beyond help.

QE means nothing more than flooding the world with more and more less valuable money. One can not see anything in it but preparing the next big bubble. If this bubble explodes, then one will see the new cloths of the central banks. Nobody can bail-out the central banks of the US or the ECB. And those are working on inflating bubbles as much as possible.

The fed currently is the single biggest holder of bonds of the US see e.g. http://www.chrismartenson.com/martensonreport/shell-game-how-federal-reserve-monetizing-debt how this works.

Another impossible situation for the private sector. One issues bonds and is at the same time holder of this bonds. The US governement is big and therefor most of debts are in the hands of those having issued the debts. What a nice trick....

That is interesting
gold/silver as curency

However one never should forget the perfidious politicians. After Bretton Woods private ownership of Gold was forbidden. Who will gurantee that this won't happen again if Utah may get drown in this curios little green bucks....

I asked the north-african people for exactly the same. Do all you can to get money with value. Don't follow us stupid Europeans or whomever you think of. Fiat-money value is "0" by definition. It's the believe that this money has some worth. See the price raises in the last few months, they show that "money deevaluateion" is a question of quantity. There are too many colorful sheets of paper for "real" values. So the price must raise, it's inevitable.

The usual stupidity
of politician sorry deledefs.

This time in the name "of saving mother nature". This times by mean of bioful. According to this: http://www.welt.de/wissenschaft/article3131881/Biokraftstoff-verbraucht-mehr-Energie-als-er-liefert.html

One needs more energy to produce bioful than it yields. I guess this should be the political counterpart of a perpetual mobile.

I guess nothing can be too expensive or stupid to ruin the whole mankind. This time we need more energy than before to have even more CO2 produced in the name of CO2 reduction. Now tell me anything about stupidity.

Strange enough my predictions bear fruit. I told we can expect raising prices, and yes we have raising prices. But in the land of arbitrariness through the concept of core inflation. This is not counted as inflation. So the defrauders conceil their wrong-doings. Or even simpler, the raising prices are due to speculation. And fighting against speculation allowes for even more laws to "fight" the bad speculants. And so spiral towards the abyss. More bureaucracy means more waste and more wrong-doing. And there is no correction for it because bureaucracy is just supervises by itself. The way is chrystal clear... Anyone but deledefs can see it.....