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Snake oil sellers

Well if anyone thinks quality easing is anything but unsound, then I'm afraid you are beyond help.

QE means nothing more than flooding the world with more and more less valuable money. One can not see anything in it but preparing the next big bubble. If this bubble explodes, then one will see the new cloths of the central banks. Nobody can bail-out the central banks of the US or the ECB. And those are working on inflating bubbles as much as possible.

The fed currently is the single biggest holder of bonds of the US see e.g. http://www.chrismartenson.com/martensonreport/shell-game-how-federal-reserve-monetizing-debt how this works.

Another impossible situation for the private sector. One issues bonds and is at the same time holder of this bonds. The US governement is big and therefor most of debts are in the hands of those having issued the debts. What a nice trick....