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July 2011 - Posts

Mission impossible
The US has entered a way which can not work.

It's not the deficit it's the spending stupid. 60 years of overspending and undersaving, show clearly in every corner of any legistlation,.

The money never is enough because the needs of men are in principle without bounds. One of the worst examples on stuff which makes thinks expensive is the Obamacare. There is no incentive to avoid doctors if all the things get paid. It's the same in Germany, the prices for health are sky rocketing. And it's getting worse by evey law which "regulates" health care costs. Doctors can not charge what they want or possibly can, no every action is categorized and has a fix price. You speak to your doctor 21.34 €. He takes your hand 10€ etc. You can not just get along as doctor and offer you services wherever you want. No this is "decided" by bureacrats. Kind of one doctor / 1000 patients.

Another price driving thing is that prices can be set by the supplier, and the diverse things are "protected" by patents. That means you invent something which is a block buster, you can earn literalyl Billions of it, an that for a few millions of research. The prices for the stuff are fixed, They do not go up or down. It's the same as a license to prin money, and we know all that way waits hell...

The US founders were very sceptical about government and big business, but Obama has cultivated the growing of government and big business (in form from banks) That's surely is against the constitution, but he does not care. He wants the power for him and his buddies and so he "attacks" the Parliament . That way lies Facism, and too many of the US citizens have paid with their lives for fighting it now they just will get in in the US? What good can that possibly be?

When freedom is just a 7-letter word
Then you know Rothbard, von Mises and Hayek are either domed or simply not mentioned.

The EU is such a thing, Bondage and torture that's the core of the system. We are bonded with the Euro and tortured with taxes. And the trailer is. "We (the deledefs) work for you we are the servant of the people

And if you turn around you get another hit in the back. They bailed our the banks and stopped markets work (and therefor they paid with an unprecedented raise in debt) Now they are again acting against the Market. And the result will be even more debt. The way is clear. It's not that those having agreed upon piling up the debt will pay. No the population is held hostage and that's where freedom ist just a 7-letter word.

No state can and ever has done anything to spread or produced wealth but for a small minority which "claims" for themselves to be chosen in "a free" vote. And that's their ticket to suppression. It's not discussed that taxes alone are the opposite of freedom but that any goods of the people are "free" to the disposition of the greedy hands of wrong-doers. Their freedom is not even a caricature, it's a word denoted of it's meaning. They even do not see that that what they do is at the very best serfdom and in the end slavery. And they start working on the "rightness" of this wrong-doing every day, every hour of their life.

It never was more true than theses days. Just see the "jokes" the Parties in the US are doing. Do you really believe anyone would really stop not being part of the "establishment" the elite of the USA, these masters of deception? Who really think it's about freedom they are talking about ? It's pure and alone about keeping their power and finding other new ways of suppression. Well yes freedom a 7-letter word like serfdom

I was fully right
with my yesterday entry.

It is a catastrophe and it's the end of free countries in the EU. Everyone has to bear the costs of debt from each other and so the countries with the least debts are the biggest loosers. And the looters have won.

Read Atlas shrugged and you can see the way....

Whatever will come out of it
will be a catastrophe.

I don't know how many times we now have to read about "saving" Greek and the szenarios get more devastating with evey try. Just for the flat lie: "We must save Greece otherwise hell will break loose"

There is not other word for that than black-mailing. I wrote about it yesterday and now it's that all politicians do it. And that is so disgusting, that no word really is unfriendly enough to describe that.

The possibilities are obvious. Given another round of this time more cheaper credits to "buy" older more expensive credits back. Even that can not work. If one does not sell one's bonds, one has will get back 100% of it, but in a default. One can say well if I can sell now for 50% of it's value I' do that. So be it but there will always be people not doing it. So what?

So in fact there is no way to get out of it without defaulting. But even then the papers still are "valid" claims. So Greece will not get any money from the capital markets and still is unable to get along without any other debt. They will need transfer payments and this just is illegal. There's not legitimated government in Euro land and sorry, we see it everywhere transfer payments simple do not work. The only way for the Greek is, cutting down their expenses to their income. Anything which does not follow that is just stealing. We will not help them while taking more of their expenses on our invoice.

I'd put no pressure in any way on the Greek. I just would deny them any further credit. There is no "right" to get credit in any law. We can help if they want but for that they have to take the first steps, we just have to wait. If the actions will be sound, people will invest in Greece if not, so be it. It's their land, ain't it?

Here's what I think will come from it. They will tell us Greece will get the hardest imaginable conditions, and that it's our duty to help. Otherwise Greece and short after EU will get to hell. We'll offer another few hundred billions for them and will hear there's no choice. We'll hear that the private sector will have to bear some of the costs also and they will look into the camera with puppy-eyes like a dog. And say we fight for the EU citizens against the speculates. We have to ..

The have to because they are absolutly clueless or even worth they do not want to miss one strip of their power an dictatorship. Bastards is much to friendly phrase for them, they are looters, and sorry I can not help it assholes.

Black mailing
Greece finance minister warns, if the EU let Greece down.

Guess what Greece alone has 330 billion of debt. and if they fail the end will come. Well hell one might think "Finally" All EU countries have debts beyond imagination and beyond anything in history (even after wars) and they are "suprised" that this won't work.

That it could work is as likley as extinguish a fire with a flame-thrower. I'm really getting mad about this Bastards. They have accepted all kind of debts for the most stupid things one can imagine. They tooks tons of money for other things from th e EU. (I bet no street was build on Greece costs alone the last 10 years) They made working for the government profitable as nothing else, all in the clea knowledge they do not have the money to pay that all.

So in fact they've lived beyond any limit on the costs of all creditors, just to rip of everyone in that country. I'm so angry, that I'm not even able any more to write anything decent. I wish all the Politicians and Bureaucrats over there a hell of time. Take that you looters.

As expected

It seems I got that right in my last entry. Over the weekend they are facing for a "smaller" solution. And it hurts like nothing else what they've to give in


2007 there was a debt of around 60% of the GDP now we are beyond 100 % and what's the "solution". Raise the ceiling more debt. Still burning money in enormous quantities and suprise, suprise the QE does not have worked. The People keep their purses more shut than open. But one exception. The banks again are making tons of money.

Not while they serve their customers but they "please" the government. So what has changed?

Nothing, the same people before the crisis which were not able to get income and expenses in sync are still sitting in Parliament and have driven but a few quenches of sanity out of it. Yes the evil rich people do not pay enough, Obamacare was established with new laws, new bureaucracies and so we know the prices will start skyrocking.

So what has changed really?

The US could do us all a favour
but well I guess who who think they will "shutdown" will be disapoointed. They will raise the limit and may it be a few just a few days in August.

They will swear the wildest oats that "this time everything is different" and they will "save money". Guess what the charade will go on and in a few months years we'll be exactly where we are now. We'll hear things like "But we do have saved, despite the fact that the expenses stil are higher than before" Their saving will also mean generating more income in one or the other way (just think about taxes).

So the favour they could do is stopping this lies. There is not "real" discussion. There is no "real" will to cut down expenses. Even if there were the ever increasing social transfer payments will just show. "It's you rmoney we're burning stupid.

Anyway as American I would really felt attacked on my honor. Do they really believe anyone believes what they say? Does they really know not most of them would despise them if they possibly could. Hundreds of thousands of laws all in the name of justice just can hide the fact that there's but one thing in common in them. "Stealing freedom" and criminalize the own population. See the Minnessota shutdown, one need a licence so "sell" alcohol and because government does not work they are on their way getting illegal.

Liars, give us a break and do not prevent that you do anything good to use. This favour is not asked too much.

Times they change
Dear Reader you probably know why the NATO is in Afghanistan?

Well it's to fight terrorism. We know the worst we can imagine is that the Taliban will rule again.

Feel free to check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_war_in_Afghanistan And there we can read: ". The US viewed the conflict in Afghanistan as an integral Cold War struggle, and the CIA provided assistance to anti-Soviet forces through the Pakistani intelligence services, in a program called Operation Cyclone.[72][73]"

The following page is cited also: http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/24198

Now think about it. The Criminal Intelligency Agency was authorised be the president of the United state to "handle" that stuff. Well how would you name something like supporting war in without beeing involved officially. The CIA works outside any limits, I guess the way things work is the president says something. the CIA hears and start acting. They can so without much control from any parliament, They even can gather their own finaces with illegal transactions (e.g selling drugs) So the US fights drugs at the US/Mexican border but the CIA is free to just ignore that. Feel free to fetch the Book "Liberty defined" by Ron Paul.

Now if you bee a soldier down in Afghanistan. Guess what you are fighting someone who was financed and supported by your own government, You feel that "thrill"?

The state never was the solution to any problem and you can see it's getting worse the bigger the state gets. In the end one really can day " you got what you've paid for..." Big government -> big injustice and -> a terrifying large number of casualties.

Intelligent ?
Someone has pointed me to: https://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/08/opinion/08tribe.html

My question is. Why should I trust elites to keep care of Europe?

The politicians have made us all the hell on earth with literally hundreds of thousands laws, nobody can no. The laws are not made to "save" us from the greed of the political system, they are there to save the political system from their population.

There is e.g the laws against guarantees to debt of other EU countries. Broken.

So the elites do break everything more or less as they like and one should give them more power to do so?

The whole article is a liberal nightmare. So no. Cut down the power and let the people decide for their lives. That's fair, everything else is serfdom.

Solutions to the mess
the deledefs have put us into:

Introduce sound money. That means "End the Fed", bind the currency to something of value

Forbid debt for financing governments

If one thinks the state is needed. Introduce one flat tax for financing it.

Stop the subsidies for the diverse parties and look for de-centralism. That means throw out most of the bureaucrats in Washington. Disallow any agencies like the CIA , NSA etc. And their acting as states in the state. Don't allow torture.

Keep the greedy hands of bureaucrats out of business. Every intervention of the government is based on but one thing violence. It's not acceptable that the state can use that as "base" for negotiations. It's the same as if in business one party comes with heavy arms and "suggesting" a certain kind of contract.. You can comply or you die?

Think about the diverse laws and the highest risk insured. That's bad, it's a subsedy for large corporation to live on the expenses of anyone else. Give property right back their "meaning". That means the share holders must be much more involved in what the managers do.

Do you like Thriller?

With an open end? Or are a fan of horror movies? Now I've found something for you: http://wallstreetpit.com/13428-total-us-savings-rate-lowest-in-recorded-history

Do you feel the cold of death? Or do you fell hells heat? Well whatever it is pray that this chart changes soon.

Or if you are against government as I am pray that the State goes bankrupt. It will be on of the ugliest things you ever will imagine, But then "markt" will be the only thing left to survive. I just can tell you see the problems we Germans had. And we got a really good revival. But now we are following the US to our own bankrupt.

Yes savings are now starting and yes that is good, but still there is too much debt in the developed countries. What will happen if the money will be used for buying things? You can see the assets are rising but are they raising because of good business? That's the question.

I found two very different videos on youtube about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZNkYdsd7_0&feature=related and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRV_b2AFnKw&feature=related We must also keep in mind the Fed has pumped literally tons of money into the economy. They name it the quantitative easing. But the Fed has accepted securirties which do not deserve that name. And the banks surely have not lend overly much of the money but the bought bonds and I bet assets. So a question not answered to met yet is. How much of the raising stock prices is due to money looking for profitable investment and how much is really driven by more profits from the corporations. AFAIKT is the unemployment rate still raising. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nsehkDwxBA&feature=related A profitable recovery looks a bit different to me.

So I'm afraid the recovery still seems to be debt driven and not profit driven. So in my judgment peter Schiffer may lie but there still is no recovery but the money is driving up all the prices. So the higher stock markets are currently bubbled and not sustainable. I don't know if this will change the next months. But because of all the hampering of free markets I'm not very optimistic. And I just can see the signs that inflation is a problem and this of course is due to the insane printing of money. But the FED never ever will admit that. It's everything else but the loose money policy of the FED. It's the greedy bankers, the speculators and everything else. And even if it's worse now it would be even more worse without all the "actions" That's the fed way and you can not reject it. The unemployment may be even higher without all the interventions and so they are "good". But is that really true?

I'm afraid it will get worse and worse, there comes the day the bonds will mature and then? There will come the day where the asset bubbles will bust.... I just can repeat myself, don't trust government. If you do you'll be among the first losers... Do not buy anything but values yet. Do not buy any bond of the US or you'll be sorry. That's my opinion, feel free to decide differently.

Some misconceptions from the Greens
I know what I'm writing here is heresy. At least it is for the supposed to rule us well deledefs in Germany. Anyway here we go

Now can we rely on actual an currently working renewable energy? Well the depressing answer is "no". We can't . Neither wind nor sun is guaranteed to work every day, every hour. So we always will have strong up-and-downturns. There is not denying there are those gray days where neither one see the sun nor feel the slightest movement of air. And there will always be those day where the sun is burning and the wind storming.

Can we follow this variability. I'm afraid that won't work either. So no we simply are not that variable with our needs.

So what can we do then? Can we store the electricity. Well to depressing low level yes we can. It might work e.g to keep my computer running with a large enough battery which may keep the currency even for a week or so. Can we do the same for let's say melting steel? Well no, there is not way of storing away big masses of energy. Yes agreed you can warm water with it and you may use this water to make electricity again. But this really is a big loss and currently nothing on a large scale is available.

So the current unpleasant but nonetheless truth is. We have no reliable way storing away electricity. That's a simple fact of life which nobody can change immedieatly, so currently if we'd have 100 GW renewable energy we need another 100 GW "traditional" energy, be it gas, coal, oil, nuclear power. So this means we have a need for double the needed energy just in case one half is not available. That is uneconomic to the highest extend, so do we keep all the other conditions the same and let us assume one 1 KWH costs 20 ct. Then we need double the price for one KWH just being able to satisfy our current need for currency.

The other option just can't be needing half the energy. But that does nor work for electricity. So with all mean the Greens are working against the objective reality, and how should that work? The simply answer is it hadn't, doesn't and never will (long term) So either we find a way storing electricity or we must limit other outputs from the industries which have to "be" the reserves. In both cases we need at best double the prices of today. And you can bet hardly anyone will jump on the idea having double his expenses for the same output just because the Greens ignore reality

Another 12 billions on their way

The highest court in Germany will start "thinking" about the lawsuits tomorrows. This were initiated a year ago before the first money was transferred. Just imagine you know a defrauder, he is caught and one year "nothing" happens. That's the situation of the "greece helpers". It's illegal, it's against the no-bailout clause. and guess what nobody cares.

In fact Germany violates the treaties for the Eu convergence critera. Just hat anyone can remember. 1) not more than 60% debt of the GDP, b) not more than 3% new deficits a year. Nearly no-one fullfilles this things and what happens? Exactly nothing. Greece is beyond 150% new debt of the GDP and probably that's the most after Japane which over 200% debt /GDP.

Just imagine you will among the richest men in Germany with 12 Billions. Probably among the top ten earner. And at the top of this earners Aldi stands. And they exist for now 50 years. So the worth of 50 years of work and service to the people gone today. For scammers. And still the same responsible for the scam are in charge in Greece. Everything they have done was lying and stealing but giving them more money is without alternative?

suprise suprise
I wrote about the debt race. And how the US and EU battle hard to win this break down.

Now with endless greedy greek Politicians according to "yet another not working fu.... plan" (yanwfp). The EU throw out new well once good money which one can not tell really good any more. But who cares that it's illegal who cares that it's against the own given laws. And still the inevitable will not be unstopped.

Now in the US one state will have to close: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43596944/ns/us_news/t/minn-government-shuts-down-budget-talks-fail/

As usual no party is guilty of it. And still they all have agreed upon piling up debts. So in fact none of them is guilty ALONE. They all are guilty. And still they do not have to go to jail. (because of harming everyone lvining in Minessota) no they still are in charge and I guess they will get paid as soon as they re-open their state.

I can not tell any more how fed up I'm of this criminals.... Why the hell have the US the largest prisons and still such thugs as "elits"?