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December 2011 - Posts

This should not be burried
in the comments of Mises. It's to interesting and revealing.

Here it is: http://oregonstate.edu/cla/polisci/faculty-research/sahr/sumprice.pdf

One can say after the second world war inflation is the established money policy. And that means always those who saved have been punished. Think about lending your money next time...

Now I understand what Obama meant
in his past tries to win this election (which unfortunately he did win)

His motto was: "Yes we can"

I was always puzzling, "what the hell does he mean with "we caan" ". And now I know. He just mises a few little words. Yes we can, make more debts".

And they do, they make more debts as if there won't be a tomorrow. And well if they proceed, there surely will be no tomorrow for them quite soon.

Because I see loosing them (the deledefs) as an advantage. I just can ask the member of the parliaments kindly. "Would you mind to give Obama another few trillions please". The next vote is just a little over a year. So maybe Obama can ruin the US till then. After that the people may consider what has made the US the economic giant,

If they figure that out, they may vote for a better president... It would serve us all.

It seems more and more are convinced

That trusting the state with our money was/is one of the worst ideas. Well of course the deledefs will never admit that.

But if this system will break down, there may be a time at which we'll get a chance. But till then you can help us ending the central banks especially in one way. Do not give any credit to any state any more. They can tax you, that's an unfortunate truth, but they can not force you to buy any bonds. At least not world wide and not forever.

Our money of independence is gold. So you better do trust in gold. You an see the deledefs of all countries do not fear anything more but independent people. You can buy independence with using fiat-money as less as possible and while paying as much as you can in cash. States like Italy which are broke forbid, cash payments. They say it's because of fighting the organized criminality. That's their argument, but you do not have to believe it. Do you really believe the criminals start paying using bank accounts?

So I invite you: "Join us". Let's end the central banks before the central banks finish us....

It's happening under our all eyes
The ECB is now officially financing insolvent states.

Despite the laws for the ECB. How is that done?

Very easy the ECB does not buy bonds directly of states but in a perfidiously way. As you have read yesterday the ECB lends out money to banks with 1 % interest for 3 !!! years. Now this money is just given with "securities". The securites of the banks are?

Promises of the states to back up the papers deposited by the ECB. Especially Italy has done that. And so you see it insolvent states back up securities for insolvent banks and insolvent banks are using bonds of insolvent states as securities.

Now tell me anything about a sham...

Money printing the ECB way
Great news for all the inaptly European banks out there.

The lender of last resort, does what the FED does for ages, they are printing money. Well it's not named this of course. Because we live in time of double-speak. It's to avoid a credit crunch. And of course the hope is the inaptly banks buy bond from inaptly states.

Is there a way we can influence that? No chance. the ECB is independent and it does not have to follow anything, but usually their laws. And stretching them is probably the thing Draghi likes the most. And so we go. The ECB funds the defaulted states. What a happy news....

Don't you think
it's time for a change in the US (amont every other developed country in the world)

Ain't you Americans so proud of "law and order"?

Now tell me why don't you stand up for law and just stick ot order(s)? Why are you not standing up for your freedom?

Think about it you have voted for democrats or republicans for ages. Does it have done any good for you?

If the answer is no, wouldn't it be time to change your voting habits? As I remember you can vote every 5 years or so. It does not matter how worse your current president is, You always can get rid of them. Wouldn't it be time to get rid of Obama and all this deledefs?

Why not give Ron Paul a chance. He stands at least for the constitution and civil rights. Wouldn't that be an option one could try?

And it's highest time to take back your money from your deledefs. So how about a new gold backed Dollar? Think about it. Would the banks be bailed out for "real" value? If the answer is no, why do you still believe in paper money?

So I don't know what you think but I think yes it's time for a change...

I'm im(de)pressed
Guess that the democrats and republicans have find an agreement. The agreement is as follows
  1. We can not save so we need more credit
  2. We seriously have tried to save.
  3. We messed it up as usual.
  4. We are not sorry, you have to pay

I remind you of this blog before they raised the credit limit. To 17 trillions or so. Now 1 trillion more is gone in not half a year. Tell me anything about sustainability.

I'm sorry for the US citizens, but you are completely fucked up. Your choice is the choice on how you like to get killed. The result is always the same. You're dead.

I would change my mind, and give someone else the chance to save if there's something to save. Vote for Ron Paul and liberalism. Everything else is just serfdom. You do not have to believe me that. Just have a look at any books written by a liberal and compare you constitution against liberalism. You'll see that's the way the old ones wanted to have the US Not this socialism of either democrats or republics.

Don't believe
in anything you hear from any state. You can bet 99,99 % of it are lies.

I give you but one example: The purchase of Greek bonds. In 2010 the German government asked the banks to buy Greece bonds. A year later they declared that half of the value of this bonds are "gone". And it's of course the speculators which did not buy or sold the bonds which they do not have trusted any more, which are the defrauders.

It of course not that the deledefs of all countries have collected debts as if they were the most valuable things one could have.

So I repeat myself. don#t believe any promises of states. And do not believe that states will pay their dues. If you believe, you are doomed.

So run to sel all the bonds of states you have and let them crumble. See that you have good relations to producers of food and shelter. Even better see that you can produce food or shelter or have deal with someone who can. Yes the problem is if you are bound to a country, you are bound to the disposal of the "leaders". But they can not take everything from you, if they try they sooner or later will die a miserable death. And it's not that they want to die, just remember they want but one thing. Live on your expenses.

So I repeat myself don't believe in anything from deledefs.....

Now what's up Fed?
Isn't it time for QE IV? You still think you can print yourself out of the misery with even more worthless paper don't you?

Just one question. Why hasn't it worked in the past? What's can be the problem? Are the printing presses to slow?

Well I bet the are not and adding a 0 here or there (what's that among friends eh), could make us all trillionaires. But still there's nothing more produced with any printed cent. Production needs time, (saved money) and effort to get somewhere. A 100 Dollar bill printed today, just costs a few cents but "claims" to be a value. How funny is that. I'm printing something on a sheet of paper, use my force monopoly and tell every one that is you value. That's kind of absurd isn't it.

Well the whole Fiat-money system is a sham. It's the modern means of slavery. States demands your work and your income to keep itself going. And what's the aim of a state? They tell it's about safety, security and last but no least justice. Bu in the end it's a system of exploitation. The productive ones have to work and get hindered every centimeter on their way. You want to open a business? Go to buraucrats? Maybe there's even the obligation to see a notary for whatever paper work you are supposed to do, to offer something. But that's not all if you start offering a thousands of other laws come into play. And after the thing was produce and sold. Now the paper work goes on. Yes you might do YOU bookkkeping by yourself also. But you'd do it as you find it useful for you. Stop, you simply can not do that.

You have to obey another few hundreds of laws for book-keeping. And don't you dare to be "unfair" (in the meaning of buraucrats). You'd say I'd deduct a car in the year I buyed it. No you don't you have to obey the guiddlines of yet someone else. The governments tells you what you are allowed to do or not. After that all you get taxed. Again there is not "obvious" service in return. It's just that they decide how much you have to pay. and don't you think two of you are treated equal. Assume the same job, the same in come and you'll see hardly the same taxes. One may have saved something guess what he has to pay taxes again on this savings.

So in short you are just working for a small part for yourself. The rest is just to keep the vermins going. That's the modern way of slavery. You are not free to do as wish, you are just free to wish what you long for in the bounds of the "insights" of government. Just tell me one reason that you have to pay land taxes. It's you land and you have to pay for it as if it's not yours? How pleasant, you just have to earn at least so much to pay that. If you don't your land will not stay you land. It's robbery or even worse it's slavery.

I just wish all the parasites that they will get what they deserve. And then they look at you and tel you this plain lie. "We are here to serve you" It's exactly the other way round. Correct is. "It's so nice that YOU have to serve us" that's what they "mean" and they are not the slightest ashamed of it.

Well done Mr Cameron
Congratulations, the decision not to follow into dictatorship is right.

I know you are knee deep in trouble yourself. But you will find your way out of it without blaming someone else of any "cuelty"

But saying no just can be the first step. Take the advice from the Scholars of the Austrian School of Economy. Abandon money as debt and go back to money as value. Cut down on government as radical as possible. Realize that any bureaucracy just lowers wealth.

Follow the print money as mad path and you'll be doomed....

I guess I found it
The national anthem of all deledefs.

Go here and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsUXAEzaC3Q

The "King" of Pop for the Kings of debt, defraud deception.

It fits and I think it should be made obligatory to be sung before any new meeting to save the

  1. world (because of the climate
  2. the euro
  3. the fiat-money systems
  4. the banks and central banks

Every time we should be "saved" for whome or whatver than the should sing this song.

And before they sit down do do anything. The people must have the chance to see: Big Brother

Alternatively Animal Farm

That would be just fair game...

Well if you follow the "wordings" in the debt crisis you'll see abhorrent and unfortunately very dangerous words.

They are talking about a currency war, and they use the same oratory like in real wars. What the point in that?

There but one enemy in all states it the own government and you won't hear something about a currency war neither in the US population or ours. We could get along very well without anyone telling us that the other is our "enemy". And it's a plain lie. The day the Euro countries will break down the day thereafter the US will crash. And the same the other way round.

The deledefs probably know that they all are broke. The official debts alone are enough for breaking the states, but upon that there are the coming debts. Neither the US nor any Euro country has build reserves for the coming pension payments. Just remember GM? It was broken by promised pension obligations. And that was just a company which has to "earn" their money. But the pension obligations are gone and taken over by government. And add another promise waited to be broken on the mountains of broken promises.

The states are the incarnation of inefficiency and waste, but they won't tell you that sad but honest truth. No on working for bureaucracy in government does do anything good. They are just burning money. And this money is extorted from the monopoly of force of the governments. So guess that the states do all they can to claim and hold their populations as hostages. And some are more than willing to serve as death camp guards. They do eve believe they do something good. It's abhorrent.

Socialism at work
Well yes it is still at work, and getting stronger by the day.
  1. the SPD wants a stability and growth union in europe (that's newspeech for, we want to gain more control and put all in misery, but pst don't tell anyone)
  2. the dictatorship gets into another round in Russion. Putin Medwedew are just chaning positions.
  3. The USA and GB are heading for a new war in Iran
  4. Last and least the FDP member do not vote against all this socialism, and those who do not vote against it are working for it

Overall it's getting worth every hour. It's as if the leaders want to go to war again, just for their survival....

fraus maximo
Now that's a new height in fraud. The central bank are printing money as mad. Instead of letting a unsustainable system die. They inflate the money bubble again. And guess what, now the equity holders are roughly 5% richer? Really?

We can assume that while having a growth of let's day 2% in Germany a year makes up for roughly 0.0054 % growth a day. I know it's "artificial" but let us assume the win would grow a much. Than what about the other 4.9984 or so % ? It's nothing there, so if the production would not change a bit and all could sell for the higher price. Then what would be the result? Well the product costs would rais the 4.9x % on average. Now are you richer? No just those selling first may get quite a bit more of the production, the later would not get more but less AND pay more.

On the other hand was but one problem solved? No, nothing was solved, the debts are still the same, the debts are still as high. But see the example above. They would be less worth in a few months. So now you see the "deal". It's making the debtors "happy" and stealing from everyone else. Is that stupid? No it's a fraud driven to the max

Again the only right conclusion can be, end the central banks.