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Sometimes compromises do not cut it.

Well sometimes a compromise simply does not work. There is one area where there can't be a compromise.
  1. Socialism
  2. Freedom

The thing is you can't have (in the long run) a "little" freedom or a "little" socialism. As soon as you start with interventions, there will be but one way: More interventions. So you start with a "little" socialism then you'll end in a pure socialism. The current USA and Euro zone are exemplary.

Now there is one area which can not be "concealed"

  1. fiat-paper
  2. money

It's not possible to have them both in the long run. Either the people will drop the worse alternative (fiat-money) or they will get forced to drop the only real money. One could think about a market for this solutions, but it will end in the doom of one the alternatives. Because fiat-money always gets inflated, it will loose "value". If people see that they will turn to money. The fiat-money will be the preference of states and governments and so there is but one alternative they will take: They will make money illegal and claim that fiat-money is the only mean of payment.

The choice between fiat-paper and money is the same as between socialism and freedom. You can not have both, in the long run.