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Now another example why not to trust politicians

I guess outside of Germany this is a no-brainer . Any way Rheinland-Pfalz is the main owner an operator of the Nürburgrin.

The main "driver" was and is Kurt Beck https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurt_Beck. He has promise some years ago that the money they wanted to spend on the Nürburgrin infrastructure is "well invested". Well AFAIKT they "invested" 300 millions. And well they burned it as "usally". Kurt Beck is a main player in the SPD and now comes the joke.

Gabriel the main "boss" of SPD tells us he wants to put banks under control because the do black-mail politicians. Well no they don't that's alone the doing of the politicians which do not let banks fail. But guess now a party which is the main driver of the bankruptcy in Nordrhein-Westfalen (yes that' SPD land since ages with just a short intermezzo of the CDU some 5 or so years ago. NRW cities are the most bankrupt cities in Germany. Sad leaders are Oberhausen, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund and Hagen... And well now Mr Beck has sunk another 300 Millions ins the Nürburgring.

And now the same party members claim to overtake the bank control. That's so vain, I'm short on words on this.