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We're so stupid

let's do it again

First debt cut for Greece 70 %. Gone. Changes none. Now a second debt cut (around30%) is in "making" (you just have to guess once whom to thank for that)

I guess in the mean time every cent Greek spend may consist of > 40 ยข new debts. But hey we must keep Greece in the Euro. Otherwise otherwise, oh yes they would be gone...

Theft and disapprobation climbs new heights by the day. You remember the first bailout from Paulson. The same gone. You see all the "doing" of the US government, stupidity driven to the max. And still the stupid American will vote for Obama again.

I'm not any more sorry, I just tell those of you, who support Obama and the current parties, you suck. You suck not a tiny bit but really big.

And so do all the voter in Germany which have voted for any party in the parliament, do suck also. They honor, lies, deception and theft. I'm through with them, And indeed I wish them all the worst.

Now to you which probably are part of the minority. I'm terrible sorry for what is done to you, anyway I think I do not suffer less under stupid government and/or this slave paper money system. I hope we can hit them very hard one day, and get back our money....