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August 2012 - Posts

How about something new?
I've a suggestion for all deledefs. How about starting to solve the problems you caused?

It was you who has cut the thread to gold for currencies. Change that. Go back to Gold and stick to it.

It was you who has and is making debts. Stop that and learn to live within your bounds.

Not your citizens are the problem, nearly all of them are no terrorists. So why do you treat them as criminals? Stop that. Stop you surveillance of every move of your citizens and save them for robbers. Don't rob them yourself. Don't ask what you can to for you citizens and do not do anything beyond holding their property rights up. That's your job, if there's any. Don't let the killing be done in your name.

Make your government smaller and more predictable. Stop robbing your citizens with too many taxes. Don't take away all from your citizens. That's unecesary and hardly any kind of "right"

You can do all this things without new way to increase your income. Just step back and let your citizens live.

The debts are still on the run
Well dear reader, there is no turning point in sight.

The central banks still do what they can because they "own" the paper money. So indeed they all are printing. The US deficit is still just terrible every year a trillion new debts are there. And the following statistics says: http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user5/imageroot/2012/07/UBS%20Hyper%203.jpg

A quater of all expenses are nothing but new debts. How serious can one day that we have less debts? That's a plain lie.

I can not understand why anyone believes that the US still will pay back all that. I do not understand how anyone can ask for even more debt for investements. So no the debts are running and they are increasing their speed by the day.

We may had have a time to stop it some 4 years ago, but it seems now it's too late.... And what's the problem? It's just the next election between two which have now own idea about debts. Just spend the money they do not have. And they are still extending their controlling of all citizens because of some obscure terror mania.

The price of artificial low interest
Well it seems we won't learn it.

It was the cheap credit which lead the the inflated prices of housing in every country now in trouble.

The low interest the states had to pay lead to astronomic budget holes. Because money does not cost much.

Instead of letting the interest raise, every problem was "solved" from the central banks to demand an even lower interest. And now it's clear in the countries with the lowest interest (Switzerland, Germany) the prices for all kind of things are raising, but especially for housing and ground. So what can that be but another bubble.

So low interest have struk down the US, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Spain. And now we'll import low interest into countries still kind of workable. What can any one expect. Well yes a bursting bubble. And here we go, now it's our turn to get busted.

Now let's see the new running-mate
very funny to declare that Ryan is an austrian economics.

He has voted for every bail-out. Well that's not new. Obama has, McCaine has I'm not sure that Romney has done. But I would bet he has voted for the bail-outs also.

Ryan wants to keep the FED and extend the military expenses.

Really people if you do not have read or understand anything from Hayek you should not use his good name for darks business.

I'm sorry for you America but you are FUBAR. You need a liberal turn not more government and the least you need are more expenses for you overly aggressive military machine. Why don't you try something else but coropratismy. See what is has bought you. More terrorism, more government, less civil rights, more poverty and an every expanding and demanding state. What do you think you win with that?

Finally found
I was on the search to name our current regime.

And now after a few weeks of searching and asking I finally found it:


In Germany this fits the bill 100 %. If you got to an election you just can vote for a party (that's surely an organization). There is AFAIKT no member of the parliament which is not part of a party. This just happens if active members choose to leave the parties. But this always means the end of their "career" as politician.

At least very small company has to get part of the IHK. There is no way out.

And every household has to pay a tv/radio license fee which goes to the GEZ http://www.gez.de/. From the next year on, you do not even have to have a TV/Radio/Computer. It's reallly for every household.

Another example are unions and employer association, they "trade" for the payments of more than 90 % of the German work force.

Of course the worst cooperation of any coperatives are state and banks. Banks take the debts of the states and "sell" them to the stupid people. If they run into losses the states subsidize banks. And here we have the great black hole for money. But not just money but also happiness and free life of the inhabitants of states.

Newest excuses in the making
No again you can bet within 3 -6 months we here another attack on speculators. This time it will be on food. The crops in the US and India will go down. And that's "of course" because of the speculators.

Deledefs won't accept that we just can consume what we have. If there is a shortage on whatever they think is on shortage. it won't be because of their interventions or simply bad luck. It will be because of the speculators which want "shortage".

I really think the food prices will do raise. And I also think we'll see new regulations on the future markets. I guess something like selling food you do not currently have will be banned. (Well as if one gets more from nothing if there is nothing)

If the Euro or USD systems will break down we'll read in 200 years in history books, that bad climate has "destroyed" the "all so great" countries. You can read a lot of books and the end is always due to "things" one could not "know". Well no the reality is the leaders have taken too much for themselves and they did that as usual by force. In the past it was obvious. The henchman came riding along and took it at the point of a sword.

Marie Antonette has had her ow view on reality. It as cost her her head....

Today the stealing is a bit more subversively. The system is called tax and it' s not that it is took from you by forces directly. No you have the obligation to declare your taxes. Still you don't have a chance to get a tax at zero (just under certain circumstances)....

So the reason for the end of the US won't be an every extending government but "bad" circumstances. History is always written by the winners, and if there is are winners they are often the "parasites" from the governments.

I'm a littlle undecided
Whom I would name the worst president of the US.

Here are my candidates I'm thinking about

  • Roosevelt
  • Kennedy John F.
  • Obama
  • Bush II

Whom would you include?

Extending it does not make sense
Well I wrote some weeks or so ago. that it does not makes sense to follow the "writings" about the gold price.

It does also make no sense, to do so for stocks. The problem is the markets are very dysfuntional, because of the number of monopolies and the sheer amount of debts. No one can deny that ALL countries but maybe a handful do have a serious debt problem. Countries are not alone with that, banks and Privates have that problem also. The system is rotten from the ground up. In Germany we have another saying. "Der Fisch stinkt vom Kopf her" I don't know if one can translate it but it means the stunk comes from the head of the fish.

What the head here? Well the head is the money system. It has stretched beyond nearly any historic defrault. At first it is build on nothing more but promises and force of states. Well to other times the currency still was grounded of something with a value, e.g gold and silver. The deledefs have cut this bound and so the manipulation starts going wild.

The first catastrophe was the great depression. It just took the Fed around 20 years of money printing and hell has break looks. We are nearing us this 20 years. Just let the ECB print money for just another years and we are in great depression II. It's inevitable because the deledef do not end the credit expansion but are trying to prolong it. They are fighting every problem (caused by too cheap money and to much credit) with even more cheap money and even more credit.

I don't think that even just the official debts can be borne. But this is just the ip of the ice berg. The problem are the shadow budgets and costs resulting from the promises to pay the rents. This has broken GM (and GM would be out of business just because of pension obligations) and so US will fail on this obligations as will Germany and unfortunatly ever other Euro country.

This is currently not even on for discussion. Just the current debts are the problems. And so we started with Paulson 700 billion bail-out and ever since have cumulted another 3-8 billions or so debts world wide. And this just in the last 4 years. There's not return in sight. So we now are starting of really. The US is bankrupt and corrupted, the EU at least as much.

So overall there is just one theme really driving anything. That's the debt avalanche. As long as this won't stop we see absurd up-and-downturns. We may even see the infamous crack-up boom. But this all will sooner or later result in rasing prices for "money", this will either end with the end of a hyperinflation and after that comes the depression. I don't think the right ones will be blamed for it and so we'll start a new round of a central bank based paper system.....

Democracy or: cultivating defraud
Well there is a kind of agreement that monarchies are bad. But there is another agreement that democracy is "good".

I wonder why?

If the majority decides to live of the expenses of minorities, how is that different to a monarchy? If the majority in Parliament decides it's fine to take 75% of the income of people over let's say 100 000 €. How can that be justified?

Tell me what happens if a majority lives on state payments. How can it be okay that they can vote for supporting their way of living?

In Markets there is nor majority. Either you and you parter agree upon a deal or the deal will not take place. Now let's have a look at taxes. What's the deal? If I want or did not want no way, the state decides I've to pay. If I won't I've to go to jail. Then another example. I've a computer not TV and no Radio, how can it be just to have pay license fees. Or another example I'm operating a small business, why am I supposed to pay for the IHK? There is no obvious return for me, why do I have to pay for it still?

The unfortunate truth is that democracy has not special merits in regard to fairness. Markets have. And so if would have the choice between democracy and//or markets what would I prefer? I would abolish parties, stop any subsidy for whatever reason. I probably would accept a very small tax for the military, but I would not have a police monopoly. If I have an politician it would be not allowed to vote as long as he's in the executive. Because nobody controls government I would still allow voting against any law through voting of the public. (even on the dangers this majority oriented way has). But if there are costs to be expected the majority has to pay for it and not those not in favor of the "decision". If they want social welfare, they can not rule that anyone has to pay for it. It's clear if someone has not paid for it he can not take any money out for it.

I would also disallow personal bankruptcy. And I would not disallow paper money, but I would base my money on something of worth. if you do not want to pay with it, then that would be fine for me. I'd not this money on all, I would let the markets decide. If they find some currency worthwhile, they should pay with it. I would not even care if banks lend out more then they have. I would not bail-them-out. A bank is nothing special and should not get any privileges. If they do not pay their obligations they have to go out of business.

Because central banks are defrauders by definition, they would have be abolished. We can not have a sound system with monopolies granted by states.

So in the end it's markets which must prevail. Everything else is unfair.