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You are beyond stupidity

Dear US-citizens, you are now beyond stupidity. How can anyone cheer for looser Obama?

How can anyone cheer for Romney.

What do you think you can gain from them? A job in the state bureaucracy? That would be the only thing which may make sense. You want a fine life on the expenses of other. Well let me tell you something you seem to like to be the exploiter.

Instead of demanding your freedom you are begging to be bitten. How honorable and brave. You think about you land as the land of the free? Well I suggest you think again. Or better you admit that you simply are for suppression, that would at least be the truth.

Millions of you can not even feed themselves anymore. Does that man anything to you? Obviously not. You still are just thinking of money instead of a mean of payment. Whys that? How can you prefer that the fattest get fatter by the way through anyone else? How can you choose to prefer to be laughed in every second of the waking life of one of the worst presidents you'd ever had?

My pity for you is gone. You are not what you used to be. You are like little children looking for mum or dad to keep away harm from you. And you are so stupid to believe Obame could be you mum. So yes you got it I'm fed up. But it's not you alone how prefer serfdom, it's the same with Germans. But that's another story...