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October 2012 - Posts

USA down we want, the faster the better
Well the US likes to go down. It seems they dislike the idea of being one major player in the markets. They also do not like to stay the "land of the free". This election campaign is really a new milestone of sad (and) badness.

Obama has still now idea, what to do. He and his "folks" are completely unable or unwilling to have a balanced budget. And the stupid Americans, don't seem to care. Civil rights is getting in the background and gets worse by the day. The poverty is raising, and now they simply "modify" statistics to not reflect that. Again I don't know what the bureaucrats hope to win. But it seems Obama wants big state and big machinery. He does not even care who has to pay the bill. Really that Obama will be reelected is a "hallmark" of stupidness of the people voting. Maybe they believe they won't be the gainers. But the US at all is on the loosing path.

And Romney can not make anything out of the inaptness of Obamas regime. Indeed, he's a mercantilist out of a picture books. The only real alternative Pauls is discredited. But he's the only one how really wants to cut back on the bureaucracy side. He's the only one who does not want the US-Soldiers be slaughtered anywhere else in the World but for defending the US. But the USA on the whole is a country in a permanent (undeclared) war. There is nearly not one years since Vietnam, where the US are not involved or fighting in mostly undeclared wars.

One undeclared war is government vs their own people and visitors to the US. One reason I will not fly into the US for as long as this law about getting my fingerprints is active. I more and more come to an agreement with all the weapon freaks in the US. There is an undeclared war against their own population. And you better be armed if such a brute force as the US military is inflicted on you.

What I never will understand is why the US go down that path. The "land of the free" is a land of bureaucracy and it seems Mr Orwell has describe the current USA in 1984. Yes there may be some kind of free speech but for many there ain't no civil rights any more and the citizens agree to that? I guess I have some ideas about the economic side of the workings of states, but I'm probably bad at anything else. But I would not be suprised to see a civil war in my lifetime in the US. If more and more forces are there, they will get used by politicians, especially dangerous are winners of the peace Nobel prize.

Is there an end?
of believing into lies?

It seems our capacity to accept lies is nearly unbounded. The newest "gags". Greece has lied and has presented figures not even near the truth. Still they get payments of other "partner". Now they told our just with harshest conditoins, this would happen again. And they mad one plan after the other which one an say were not fulfilled.

And still nothing has happened but we just send down a few other billions. And now we can here from our German ministry of debt. That Greece will not get bankrupt. Another plain lie. Greece is bankrupt and even if we carry down another 100 billions Greece still can not "get" along. So I'm puzzling when we stop believing the lies we got told from the EUrocrats. Any idea?

For those being able to read German
Well I guess at least some of you know German. Here's a document about all the broken promises of our EU-Elite. http://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/article109813254/Faktencheck-So-aufrichtig-sind-die-Euro-Retter.html It's really interesting how far you can bend / break the rights if you are part of the system. But if you leave the system or are being left....
Just one small question
To Obama and his "crew" How comes that the unemployment should be the lowest during your ruling time AND at the SAME time the highest need for food-stamps is recorded?
Modern diseases
Well I guess I will make quite a few unhappy maybe even angry. Anyway it's not a personal attack it's an attack on the absurdity of the "system"

Now in Germany there is a conflict about the payments of doctors. Well for that to really appreciate you have to know, that here in Germany there is a mandatory health care insurance and there are private insurances. Only the later get an invoice for health care services. It's one fact that all the prices for private insured patients are 2.3 led. That means you get an position of 10 € and with 2.3 multiplied you get 23 €. The private insured persons have to bear the costs first and can then send them to their insurance company.

This does not happen for the public insured person. And as you might guess, that is the majority. So in fact they never see how expensive health services really are. And now starts the problem. If you do not have a market available the costs must be fixes by means of some direction. And who are in there? Well the government and large unions. And so the horror starts. It does not matter where you offer your services and under what conditions. If you have to go to your patient, you still just can charge the same price as if the patient comes into your doctors office. Well yes you get some money to get there but you can see it as you like this money can not bear the costs. And so it comes as it has to come. The doctors on the "land" give up and won't find a successor.

That means of course you have to accept longer and longer driving to the doctor's office. And you can bet the offices are alway full. If you're unlucky you've to spend a few hours there. It's getting worse in hospitals. It's not really to help the patient what's driving the hospital, but to fulfill all obligations you have been given by bureaucrats. There a catalog of health services. To get an idea visit: http://www.e-bis.de/goae/defaultFrame.htm Just see the first three points and you know that 1 will never happen and it will surely not happen for private insured patients.

All your offerings must be squeezed into the given scheme. There is not much space left for "free" decisions. So I come back to the beginning doctors are not businessmen any more just bureaucrats. So how big is the incentive to offer favorable terms? Well none. Exactly. And so we have a system which combines the worst of anything. No markets and no information for patients.

The other jobs completly under state control is the educational system. It's nearly unavoidable. What you learn is kept in some register. The payment of teacher is completely unaffected by the success or heavens forbid satisfaction of the children and their parents. And so it comes as it must come. Some pupils are grown up in intact families which think education is important and are requested to work for it. Others are not and so they are falling back, this is now "unjust" and the usual answer is "we need more teacher, more support".. you know it. Still the easiest route with would honor good either good teaching and bad teaching is not gone. If the teacher is bad or not, tries to "really" teach children is unimportant. The laws and regulations count. That's it. And so our complete educational system is more or less against free entrepreneurship. And so what leaves our school are smoothed children, with a certain kind of hate for entrepreneurs and with an attitude like. "It's my right that I got what I want and the "state" has to pay for it".

This kind of nationalization is bad for every one and it shows more and more that this does not work. If there is a problem around it's not "let's solve it" but "this must be solved by the state". You see and feel the difference immediately .

What to do?
well you US-citizens are to be regretted. Well it's not that you are alone with it. We Germans have to suffer at least as much as you. So you can vote in November? Well, that's at least something, but you do not have choice. Well that's the sad but true story. Obama does not care about you constitution and your bureaucrats and military has taken over.

The think which never should have happened is established. Human rights do not count any more. Every visitor is a suspect, one can not think why this could happen. And still neither Obama nor Romney will do anything about it.

Well sometimes the military has one good thing. Clear workds and it seems the words for your situation are fubar. But you still can fight for your civil rights. And it's time to write/talk to your delegate. And you can ask him not to vote for either of the two. It will not do but you still can do that.

The other thing you can do is resist wherever you can. You still can write and IMHO you should do the same as any German. Try to support this kind of state as less as possible. Find ways to keep your money with you. Start working for the initiative: "End the Fed" That will help.

I know it's not really anything we can change at once (at least it could be done) but it's worth working for it... You never will regain your freedom with a FED, such big military and so many public "servants".

Will they ever get it?
Well I'm not surprised, but kind of disappointed. Now the people in Portugal are demonstrating against the servings. In Germany we even use a special word for it "kaputtsparen" one probably can not translate it direct into English but it means "destroying by saving". So in fact the credit expansion which has fired the boom is the "good" situation. Now that the credit expansion begins to collapse, we're in the bad situation.

So they are seeing the disease as the normal state and the healing as the disease. Can we be very astonished? Well I guess we can't. Snakeoil seller at work and the people who want to believe, you do not need more to do bad things.

Well the opposite really is true, the credit expansion leads to booms and if if stops we have the bust. It's easy to understand, if money is cheap, suddenly a lot of things make economic sense. If this cheapness is due to market forces, well then everything is fin. But our cheap money is just cheap because of the central banks. The more or less set the interest rate and they drive it down in never seen low regions. And so the people do react and do take credit. And indeed in Germany one can see where it ends. The housing markets in good regions is not just raising but soaring.

We have not learned one lesson from Portugal, Spain, Finland, GB or even the US. And so the cure the central banks are taking is just prolonging the disease and prohibiting the healing to take place. That means we'll have to pay higher price for the cure tomorrow. One could "hope" that mankind is able to learn, but there are limits which seem to strong. And the belief in big government and fairness by government are steadfast. Even the US can not get away from it and they do have the best chances (in principle).

So to come back to the headline. It seems the answer is no. They never will get it, and so every one will have to suffer more and more irrational decisions. One day the will bite you with a whip and at the same time they will pull the reins. And they will be surprised that the people will buck. And they will bite more and pull the reins even further... Man can act reasonable but men never will.