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What to do?

well you US-citizens are to be regretted. Well it's not that you are alone with it. We Germans have to suffer at least as much as you. So you can vote in November? Well, that's at least something, but you do not have choice. Well that's the sad but true story. Obama does not care about you constitution and your bureaucrats and military has taken over.

The think which never should have happened is established. Human rights do not count any more. Every visitor is a suspect, one can not think why this could happen. And still neither Obama nor Romney will do anything about it.

Well sometimes the military has one good thing. Clear workds and it seems the words for your situation are fubar. But you still can fight for your civil rights. And it's time to write/talk to your delegate. And you can ask him not to vote for either of the two. It will not do but you still can do that.

The other thing you can do is resist wherever you can. You still can write and IMHO you should do the same as any German. Try to support this kind of state as less as possible. Find ways to keep your money with you. Start working for the initiative: "End the Fed" That will help.

I know it's not really anything we can change at once (at least it could be done) but it's worth working for it... You never will regain your freedom with a FED, such big military and so many public "servants".