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USA down we want, the faster the better

Well the US likes to go down. It seems they dislike the idea of being one major player in the markets. They also do not like to stay the "land of the free". This election campaign is really a new milestone of sad (and) badness.

Obama has still now idea, what to do. He and his "folks" are completely unable or unwilling to have a balanced budget. And the stupid Americans, don't seem to care. Civil rights is getting in the background and gets worse by the day. The poverty is raising, and now they simply "modify" statistics to not reflect that. Again I don't know what the bureaucrats hope to win. But it seems Obama wants big state and big machinery. He does not even care who has to pay the bill. Really that Obama will be reelected is a "hallmark" of stupidness of the people voting. Maybe they believe they won't be the gainers. But the US at all is on the loosing path.

And Romney can not make anything out of the inaptness of Obamas regime. Indeed, he's a mercantilist out of a picture books. The only real alternative Pauls is discredited. But he's the only one how really wants to cut back on the bureaucracy side. He's the only one who does not want the US-Soldiers be slaughtered anywhere else in the World but for defending the US. But the USA on the whole is a country in a permanent (undeclared) war. There is nearly not one years since Vietnam, where the US are not involved or fighting in mostly undeclared wars.

One undeclared war is government vs their own people and visitors to the US. One reason I will not fly into the US for as long as this law about getting my fingerprints is active. I more and more come to an agreement with all the weapon freaks in the US. There is an undeclared war against their own population. And you better be armed if such a brute force as the US military is inflicted on you.

What I never will understand is why the US go down that path. The "land of the free" is a land of bureaucracy and it seems Mr Orwell has describe the current USA in 1984. Yes there may be some kind of free speech but for many there ain't no civil rights any more and the citizens agree to that? I guess I have some ideas about the economic side of the workings of states, but I'm probably bad at anything else. But I would not be suprised to see a civil war in my lifetime in the US. If more and more forces are there, they will get used by politicians, especially dangerous are winners of the peace Nobel prize.