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November 2012 - Posts

well it's hardly to believe that this nobel price winner is still commenting on economic things.

Get that here: http://www.cato-at-liberty.org/paul-krugmans-remarkable-success-story-in-latin-america/

If you like you can check my writing about Argentina here or on my outer mises blog. Just to get that "clear" the Inflation rate is > 20% which means the value of money is reduced to half of it's current value an around 3,5 years !!!. Which means the state of Argentina steals very very big from every one. The success of Argentina was also that they have not beared there debts (just against the IMF) and just have left losses around 70 % of the original value of the bonds

Now this same Krugman now ask for an increase in taxes 91% taxes

Now If we take him as contra indicator, we know what would be right. Reduce the overall tax rate to below 9%. For that to work, I guess the state has to be "cut" down a "little" bit on it's expenses.

Who cares?
Sometimes I'm just really fed up.

So people of you are using Ipad, Iphone etc, who carees? Why do I have to read below a mail Send from my I(whatever) So what. Does it mean your mail is more important or just more bloated.

Really your should at least know enough about your I(whatever) to not bother me with that. It will not change my mind about using I(whatever). And Apple, it's really a reason to not buy more from you.

So really do me a favour and stop this stupid sentences.

If you want stupidity driven to the max
then ask your nobel prize winner Krugman. http://www.freeenterprise.com/economy-taxes/krugman-yearns-golden-age-91-tax-rates

Much of the things he has proposed were done the last 4 years and it has brought nothing good do anyone (but maybe the defrauders of government)

Just take away everything and you get UDSSR on USA ground. Do you think the USA socialism will be better?

If you want sound economical advice, you should really see those which have predicted this mess. And maybe you consider what the propose. Even if not the first think you should do is not paying Krugman anymore, he's not even entertaining he is just and only embarrassing.

The main problem liberals and/or libertarians have.
is that we do not want to rule and do not want to get ruled.

We are not seeking for power to rule others peoples live, we do not even want other peoples money without given a service in return. We are for voluntarism and "keep your word". Indeed we are no angels but we do have a clear understanding of what's ours and what is yours. Still we are old fashioned barters. Usually if you find a liberal/libertarian and he/she says, if you do that I do that you can rely it will work that way.

Anyway the concept of "power" and ruling is lost on us. That makes us probably the worst and best politicians of all. I would assume a parliament full of liberals would be the best we could have. Anyway we probably will dissolve ourselves very quick because ruling is not what we want. I guess we are more or less a waste on democracy. Majority does not mean anything for us really. It's the barter we have and that we want to stick to it.

So I guess we never will be enamored of power. I guess in the opposite we "dislike" or even hate it. And so we never will fit in "parties". I guess if you know it you can compare us to the brave soldier schweijk, he obeys the "authorities" but in a way that really expose their stupidity and/or violence.

If there exists a liberal hell
it must be very similar to the current developed countries.

Freedom treats as some four-letter words but still used in every political speech. An every decision another nail of the coffin (named freedom) There's just two things which are worse for liberals. That are fascists and clear cut socialists. But well we do not really have left them behind. Just see Russia with czar Putin see China with the "communist" party".

Anyway the highest degradation of freedom was not in Russia and China. They still are dictatorships. The worst degradation of freedom has taken place in the USA. There are so many decisions which do not have anything in it for freedom but everything with big business, big bank and big government.

So the road to hell is paved with tiny (and not so tiny) laws against freedom. Well the only thing one can think is: "It could be worse" I bet it will get worse...

What an amazing morning
well I guess I surprise you a bit. My usual day-work is computer programming and so you can bet if you like to get me, you find me here in my bureau.

At least I try to get out sometimes and I do this since around 20 years in the way of running. I do it pure for pleasure and usually don't think about record-baking.

After a long time not running I have done it this morning. And it's marvellous. I'm usually running through fields and forests. Today it was more through forests together with mist it was just wonderful. If you are in mist you feel as if are are left alone and everything seems to be quiter. Add to this some extreme red colors of the leaves and you may get an idea.

If you just consider the situation, it's shown to us with every day. There is a beginning and an end. You know the leaved will fall and you know they will grow again next year. Animals know winter is coming and so they store in time to survive. Why can't we see and listen? Why do our elites think this does not hold for them. If you do not store enough you starve. There is nothing like a free lunch. You have to work for it.

States should make it easy for their people to store enough to get through hard times. But what do they do? They rob their people with disputable reward. I really wish this free riders all the worst.

Anyway you can learn from nature. Do store in time. I have the privileg on having had ancestors which do have cared, and which do have saved in time. So I have shelter and food. And I'm as independent as one can wish in these times. I've my customers which seem to like my work and so I without getting robbed day by day my life would be unproblematic. The problems I face come from the free riders of the state and government. So I guess you have an idea why I do not like them....

What else but shaking head
is left to do?

I really can't tell the EU is in "printing mode" as is Japan, the US , China. All are trying to print money as fast as they can to "ease" exports. Well guys I suggest you check WWKI. The same was done there and it broke everything. Money printing is not part of the soluton it's THE problem.

Just a few things which you really have the need to print money for. Well the US has a monthly deficit of 120 billions. That' a horror number. The money is not there and so new bonds are issued to "fake" that this money will get paied back. How stupid can that be. The EU just misses 9 billions in the budget. I mean boy that's not a penny you lost somwhere. The made more promises then they could hold and now expect the EU countries and citizens to pay. Well if you promise payment and do not have money what will you hear?

Japan has a trade and budget deficit. So that means Japan imports more than it exports and can not get along with it's taxes.

China is currently kind of special, well new dictators are to be established and as usually the new ones well kind of (or really) kill their ancestors. Still we know that they want to "ease" the credit market. Anyone hears's QE? Well I do, China is a corrupt country and even worse you can not be sure that yours be yours tomorrow also.

It's war in Israle, due to the religion of peace the moslems. And still in Germany we do as if Israel is the evil one. Boy we should get at least some things right. The countries around Israel want to destroy is THAT's a fact. Israel may overreact but well if you are threatened to be killed, that's is understandable. So again what else but head shaking (or maybe head banging (best to a table or wall)) is the only thing left or isn't it?

Looking for best suited jobs for you?
Well I care about your wishes. And so I try to make "worthwhile" suggestions.Today I want to look into jobs for Morons or Perverted.

One might thing there is not place for them, but you are wrong. The most moronic and perverted jobs can be found while "serving" the government (sorry it should be "the public"). And because of ever expanding government we get more and more jobs for morons.

If you want just jobs it help not just to be stupid but to be ruthless. If you have a preference for killing other people you should serve in the armed forces. The armed forces in of the US, are alway somewhere out for a kill. So feel free to start there.

If you prefer not to get killed while out for killing you should serve in the public services. A good area to look for influence is in the area of tutelage. You can get your hands on the complete life of someone else, and you even get paid for it. So go for it.

Another very good area for sadists are the FBI and CIA. If you have a faible for torture join the CIA and ask for getting a job at Guantanamo. There you have it, helpless and people without rights. A lot of fire arms around you and you do not even have to care if you do torture. It's especially asked for, and because it's against terrorism it's to add merits to your country.

If you have a distaste for direct physical torture, ask for a job in the ministry of finances. There you can work on stealing others people money and this stealing is "lordly". The state even has it's own word for it: tax.

If you want to the highest chief, run for president. You get cover from everything. You want to get hands on a woman, well ask the CIA how they did for JFK. They offer really good "adult" services.

That's it for today. Come back and get other jobs suggestions for the scums of menkind.

Some new predictions
Or maybe it's just one.

If you are interested in my other expectations. You can search for prediction in this blog.

I'm not suprised that Mr FUD was re-elected. I expect the same (a re-election) next year for our Bundeskanzlerin Merkel.

If the FDP will not be in the German Bundestag again. The CDU will either work together with the SPD (again) or the Greens. There is not much a difference between the "beliefs" of both parties. The C in CDU and CSU stands for christian and the religion of the greens is "mother nature", you can easy replace mother nature with god and are "through with it".

In 2013 we probably will see a much higher deficit in Germany. This is of course bribe of the CDU to get voted. The SPD is a little bit in trouble with Mr Steinbr├╝ck, but Merkel and Steinbr├╝ck have worked together before, and so you can bet, it's not too hard to to it again.

It's also clear that they are running short on other peoples money. And so I guess we'll see some new taxes or extra taxes. I'm sure they will try to avoid it till November 2013, but after the election, it will not take long.

Reality bites
Well after the election, the "profane" reality strikes back.

Suprise suprise the debt ceiling is broken again. 2 trillions more , just 2 or so years ago and still it isn't enough. Well after democracy comes kleptoracy q.e.d.

Prediction fullfilled
Who could imagine that Obama would win?

Oh yeah part of North America, you've shown how stupid you are. I wish you all the best for the next 4 years. Don't cry in a few day that this would not happen. You voted for serfdom. Now serve.

For all non-Voters and non supporters of any of the "candidates". Check your life, maybe you should leave your sucking country.

Funny german newspapers

It's really kind of funny on an tragic scale. Here in Germany most newspapers declare the election campaigns as the fight between free capitalism and the european way. I let you figure out yourself whom they accredit with what role.

This is so far from the truth that it really hurts. Neither of the candidates is for free markets. They are both mercantilists. Hardly a real difference. Were there really any discussion about free markets? Hardly they both want to "steer" the economy. But well you probably got it markets would not even recognized if they'd bit the reporters.

The US suffers even more than nearly any other state under debts for everything. This was hardly a theme in the compaings. Tax reductions should '"do" it. Well Romney had not done of said anything against the abolishment of civil rights. Have you heard him say: I will close Guantanamo? No I guess he's thinking how he might that less rights in US own prisons

Has anyone even mentioned when the stop the undeclared wars on everyone? No. So in fact the press is not just a little wrong, they are so wrong that they are worthless. But well that's no really anything new, isn't it?

It's "election" time
Well if you name it election, while just having the choice between destitution and calamity. If you think something will change for you, well think again.

Both are mercantilists of the purest form. And they are spending other peoples money. That's the only thing they really can. They use the words honor in a convoluted way So you do not have a choice as long as such deledefs can be voted for.

My tip for the election is that Obama will win. You do not drive out the redeemer of whatever.

So we will have to live again with an inept president. Alone a visit somewhere in the US costs a few millions. If he's traveling an hour in his plane another 100 000 Dollar or so are burned. He will smirk in every available camera and will tell you how much he cares. Well yes and he will arm police with new weapons to enable better killing of "bitchy" citizens. He will extend the rights of the armed forces to be better used for killing people in the US itself.

Because you believe such a liar you will get what you have voted for. I wish you will be the first to feel the bullets of you guardians. For those neither wanting distress nor calamity, well you choices are vanishing. Secession will hardly be an option, so what else is left? Probably just emigration. But because most of you think you live in such a great country, you will not consider it till it's too late. Anyway it still is too late. You have give up freedom for god-knows-what.

I can not understand why you accepted that.