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Funny german newspapers

It's really kind of funny on an tragic scale. Here in Germany most newspapers declare the election campaigns as the fight between free capitalism and the european way. I let you figure out yourself whom they accredit with what role.

This is so far from the truth that it really hurts. Neither of the candidates is for free markets. They are both mercantilists. Hardly a real difference. Were there really any discussion about free markets? Hardly they both want to "steer" the economy. But well you probably got it markets would not even recognized if they'd bit the reporters.

The US suffers even more than nearly any other state under debts for everything. This was hardly a theme in the compaings. Tax reductions should '"do" it. Well Romney had not done of said anything against the abolishment of civil rights. Have you heard him say: I will close Guantanamo? No I guess he's thinking how he might that less rights in US own prisons

Has anyone even mentioned when the stop the undeclared wars on everyone? No. So in fact the press is not just a little wrong, they are so wrong that they are worthless. But well that's no really anything new, isn't it?