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What else but shaking head

is left to do?

I really can't tell the EU is in "printing mode" as is Japan, the US , China. All are trying to print money as fast as they can to "ease" exports. Well guys I suggest you check WWKI. The same was done there and it broke everything. Money printing is not part of the soluton it's THE problem.

Just a few things which you really have the need to print money for. Well the US has a monthly deficit of 120 billions. That' a horror number. The money is not there and so new bonds are issued to "fake" that this money will get paied back. How stupid can that be. The EU just misses 9 billions in the budget. I mean boy that's not a penny you lost somwhere. The made more promises then they could hold and now expect the EU countries and citizens to pay. Well if you promise payment and do not have money what will you hear?

Japan has a trade and budget deficit. So that means Japan imports more than it exports and can not get along with it's taxes.

China is currently kind of special, well new dictators are to be established and as usually the new ones well kind of (or really) kill their ancestors. Still we know that they want to "ease" the credit market. Anyone hears's QE? Well I do, China is a corrupt country and even worse you can not be sure that yours be yours tomorrow also.

It's war in Israle, due to the religion of peace the moslems. And still in Germany we do as if Israel is the evil one. Boy we should get at least some things right. The countries around Israel want to destroy is THAT's a fact. Israel may overreact but well if you are threatened to be killed, that's is understandable. So again what else but head shaking (or maybe head banging (best to a table or wall)) is the only thing left or isn't it?