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If there exists a liberal hell

it must be very similar to the current developed countries.

Freedom treats as some four-letter words but still used in every political speech. An every decision another nail of the coffin (named freedom) There's just two things which are worse for liberals. That are fascists and clear cut socialists. But well we do not really have left them behind. Just see Russia with czar Putin see China with the "communist" party".

Anyway the highest degradation of freedom was not in Russia and China. They still are dictatorships. The worst degradation of freedom has taken place in the USA. There are so many decisions which do not have anything in it for freedom but everything with big business, big bank and big government.

So the road to hell is paved with tiny (and not so tiny) laws against freedom. Well the only thing one can think is: "It could be worse" I bet it will get worse...