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The main problem liberals and/or libertarians have.

is that we do not want to rule and do not want to get ruled.

We are not seeking for power to rule others peoples live, we do not even want other peoples money without given a service in return. We are for voluntarism and "keep your word". Indeed we are no angels but we do have a clear understanding of what's ours and what is yours. Still we are old fashioned barters. Usually if you find a liberal/libertarian and he/she says, if you do that I do that you can rely it will work that way.

Anyway the concept of "power" and ruling is lost on us. That makes us probably the worst and best politicians of all. I would assume a parliament full of liberals would be the best we could have. Anyway we probably will dissolve ourselves very quick because ruling is not what we want. I guess we are more or less a waste on democracy. Majority does not mean anything for us really. It's the barter we have and that we want to stick to it.

So I guess we never will be enamored of power. I guess in the opposite we "dislike" or even hate it. And so we never will fit in "parties". I guess if you know it you can compare us to the brave soldier schweijk, he obeys the "authorities" but in a way that really expose their stupidity and/or violence.