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Will laws ever be judged?

I wonder how many laws ever will be questioned and/or their success judged.

If we assume that in the USA the automatic loading weapons will be forbidden. Will this law be questioned on the next run of murder?

Or will the following happen. The next murder will kill let's say a shot gun. Would you expect that the law about the automatic weapons will be questioned, or will the law get harsher and forbid shot guns? If in the end all weapons will be forbidden, who will stop the murders then? Police? Military?

If the police will get more and more "rights" (well or will be less and less be jailed for abuse of criminals) who will stop the police then? You tell me it won't happen. Then explain the secret offices of the CIA and Guantanamo to me. Explains to me how it can be lawful to torture.

Another thing, why don't laws have a pre determined existence time. And before the law is put into action, it is defined what a success of a law means. If this goal is not met the law must be abolished. Another question. Are the laws about weapons covered by the countries? If yes why can't every country solve this in their own way. Why does it need a federal law? If that is not the case why don't they try

  • harsh weapon laws
  • requirement of all the teacher to keep a weapon readily available, like e.g Israel has done

A second to last question from my side. In Switzerland a lot of households have a weapon in their closets. And I canĀ“t remember having read about a amok in schools of Switzerland. So why does it work for the Swiss and should not work of the North Americans?

And now to my last question. What will happen if all the forces are in the hand of a state. Who saves the people then?