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An open question

Well it seems time's running out. The US state does need 0,33 ยข new debts for every $ they spend. Even an idiot can understand that this will not work. It fits perfectly that the citizens got poorer by the day. That' s clear, just printing on some paper does not make one richer. The FED is the biggest holder of US bonds and if you believe they mean what they said: "That they won't buy as many bond as before", you're in for a big surprise.

The fiscal cliff was -- as expected no problem. You can read this blog for such kind of things. I just remind you of the last time the debt ceiling should be raised....

The Americans learn now that having debt does not mean being rich and have a lot of not paid cars does not make one rich either. Debt is the problem and it will not simply get away with making new debts. I wrote about the stupidity of the US-citizens and elsewhere. This is still true, but it' not just the dumb overall which fail. It's the dump elite which stands in front of their "models".

No Austrian can be surprised an AFAIKT non really is. We wrote and write about the impossibility of central planning, central banks and wealth redistribution, we know about the impossibility of states to produce anything. We know about the problems of money as debt. So it comes as our great writers have predicted, it comes also as we all warned it will come. You can simply read through the old blogs, you can read any of the books here you can find the writing in the net. But you won't find them in Germany in news papers. And it will be hard to find them in US news papers also. The claims awareness of much more importent things like divorces of prominent, the buying of new and larger houses, cars, planes etc and such important things like "dancing with the stars" or such kind are much more important, for those not living on food ration cards. Hell it's even more important if the president stands up with his left or right foot.

The american dream is just a joke, and was replaced with live a live according to the bureacrats and you'll be fine. The payments of state workers are going through the roof and well we do not talk about their pensions. But hey you now have Obamacare, that probably counts for another few billions of new debts.

And if you think this is bad, wait for the worse to be come. If the people do not take the greenbuck serious any more you are really in trouble. And the day will come. I don't know when, but you can be sure the days of this systems are running short on time.

This stupid German has warned you also since I started this blog. I do know it does not help anyone, but me. It's kind of intellectual pleasure (kind of morbid humour I guess) the writings have given me. I wished more then once to be proved wrong this was just wishful thinking. Not just the moon is a harsh mistress, the imbeciles in the top positions are much harder. And there's no Computer which will save us from this imbeciles.....