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It comes how it has to come

Well I suggest to look through this blog about Argentina, Brasil etc. and you stumble upon it in every second entry, money printing.

Argentina has seized some private owned company 1-2 years ago and now we got this: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-02-04/argentina-freezes-supermarket-prices-halt-soaring-inflation-chaos-follow

Argentina has stolen big last time in the 90ies and defaulted on their private debt but served their debts to the IMF. Well the middle class was massively decimated during that time And now we see it's not "enough". Well it's alway not enough for the socialists all over the world. And over and over again the faults are repeated. Now price control That means, "black" markets will come into existence (in realtity that's the only market where you will be able to buy food. It's clear they won't use whatever paper currency Argentina currently will use. I guess greenbacks and good ole silver and gold will do.

The supermarkets will close down and the offered goods will vanish like snow in the sun. Feel free to read about my predictions and you'll see it was even possible to see for me what will come along. It's clear that the markets will see runs. Because people know their currency is down the drain and will try to survive. I guess it will not take long that cars won't get filled up any more (Remember they seized a Spanish corporation in the fuel industry) and people will start to roam the land and city to get anything of worth, which they can use for "deals".

And now that they start with it it's clear they won't stop till all breaks down. That's the socialists way. Promise paid for by those being able to be productive, strangle them and then the break down. So I guess in 3-5 years it might be worse to get land in Argentina. Or something else. It's clear you will have to defend your land and property yourself. The state will be the biggest robber. And if you believe the courts will step in, well than you really have not learned anything. The courts always cover the wrong doing of the executive. Just to remind you of the "Volksgerichtshof", they covered the Nazis up to the end. So you can beat the Argentinian courts will do the same.

I'm terrible sorry for the Argentinians, but they should not believe the promises of socialists. Just private ownership, and savings can make you rich. Everything else is a big plain lie.