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not that early as this: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-02-05/guest-post-how-i-reached-my-breaking-point-ten-years-ago

But still since the start of the blog I've warned. This was based on what I though and what I learned reading the books of austrian economics.

I pointed out what will happen and as you can see it was kind of easy guessing. The base is always, action = reaction and the more power is used to "steer" the higher the resitence to follow will get. There is but one problem. States do have the weapons, always there's no exception. You can hardly argue about your "rights" in front of the point of a gund. That's the advantage states do have. They have not but just one weapon but billions of them against you. And they have no problem to use it against any thread.

If you think you do have "civil rights" think again. States at their end do not bother about that. The zerohedge commentator just is a proof. If you think states do not lie to you, you either are paid from states of you are absolutly clueless.