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Now is the time

Dear Mr President Obama is second (nearly) to none in my eyes now.

He started with a heavy suspect from my side that it will get worse. You can check this blog on when I warned first against this "President". After the vote he climbs up my list of the worst presidents ever. He has lied about Guantanamo.

During the time of this regentship he has introduced socialism to the US Americans. Then he decided to give himself and his gofers a licence to kill whomever he of hit gang deemed to get killed. And now his "big" speech. The way into socialiasm is perfected. In my opinion he will even beat Roosevelt whith this interference with banks, markets etc. But we still do not have the WWC II. I'm sure we are on our way and the food stamp getters seem to imply that to me.

I'm not a particular fan of weapons, but Obamas moves are christal clear. He wants to disarm everyone not "part of the government". That just means he wants to get aways with whatever opression he likes without ever getting questioned.

Now Obama is on the second place of the worst presidents (maybe third) because I'm not fully sure whom I really should place in front. But the biggest gangster for me those having worked to establish the FED and it's predecessors. Anyway nobody has questioned this FED decision since then and that's the biggest malus I see. Taking away money from the people is the same as slavery.

Let's name the crimes this Obama supported:

  • "ObamaCare"
  • Guantanamo still is working
  • free killing with a killing list and without any regard to civil rights
  • highest new debt rate ever of the USA

It's hard to think of a worse (next) president. But I've to be cautious, I was thinking one day the US-Americans must get again a worthwhile president., But it hardly got better anytime a new president was elected since at least the last 50 years....