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Tell it like it is


States are always a problem and it's danger is proportianl to it's size. The bigger the more dangerous this beast is and gets.

AFAIKT free killing and killing lists were not used during MCCarthism. But now in the "most free" time and with capitalism the winner over "socialism" this lists do exist. And the states do find always enough to support the oppression through states. Just see all the NGOs and the new religion of man made climate change (well it must correctly be named man "made world heating".

If its too hot it's due to climate change is it too cold it's also due to heating. Because you know the heat will not raise everywhere and there will be places where it will get even colder And you know nature is not prepared for balance, You know between areas of heat and areas of cold there is a "barrier" nothing can get over it. And so the heat get even hotter and the cold just colder. And do not even dare to think the sun could have any influence. You know we the 7 billion men are the "heater". The sun ist just there for getting us a day/night circle.

And government is but one thing the buereacrats can not have enough from. You know if the oppression is not complete there's always room for more laws, and more law breaking. You can easily tell how "good" a country is while looking at their laws and the growth of laws. The more laws the more unfair it gets. And the faster the growth the higher the rate of law breaking from states. I guess the US is currently in the top 10 % of it's law growth. That means the times get much worse....