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A good thing from elections

Well I guess it was not intended but it seems Italy has no way of having a clear majority. That's good news for the Italians and even other citizens of the EU. (BTW you can play funny games with EU in German, because un- can be used to make everything the opposite. e.g gut -> good ungut -> bad) I guess you have something similiar, so use it. It really is interesting how fine you can define EU in those terms.

Anyway lets get back to the election. Now having not majority is a bad thing for democracy because you all know democracy is in the end just the incarnation of suppression of minorities through majorities. What does it mean for Italy. Well, they will have hard times to introduce new laws. And these times no new laws just means good news for us.

In the EU we have raped justice and only have laws left. Many of the later laws are not there to support civil rights but to support the (mostly wrong) doings of state supporters. E.g the most prominent example are the killing lists of you president. That's the licence to kill without any questions. That's everything but just

It's nearly the same in the EC countries, and so having no majority really means not getting less free by the day.... I know this state will not last, because in the end Politiciens want to rule, that's when it gets worse for us. It's simple but unfortunatly true...