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Who would expect anything else?


Central banks itself are a catastrophe, central banks and Fiat money of paper with which you have to pay is just a desaster waiting to happen.

A real strongtstate would have currency with some value behind it. And otherwise would do exactly "nothing". One can see what happens if such things are not obeyed, we run into the trouble we see know.

It has been so in the past it is so in the present and it will be in the future. One should not say never but printing money is not producing wealth. The exact opposite is true, money printing is a sign of a weak state not controlled by justice but just be laws. I had the choice between this central banking system of the present and free banking system, my choice would be clear. So I propose now that gold and silver are a bit less expensive to buy a few kilograms more...

I propose also that you do not let you money in your state alone. If it's on a bank a state has access to, it's as if it's his and not yours anymore. Sweden does even abolish cash payments. Now tell me about "not even hot air"....