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If you think it could not happen

thin again. if you have money on a bank in Zypern, you lost today 6.5 - 10.0 % to the state. It's used to "save" Zypern.

So this time it's real. You property does not belong to you it is owned by your state. If the state needs it, it taked it away from you.

Don't be stupid and believe it won't happen in your land. Act now, get you money out of you state and send it where property is assured. Do not make the error to just put it into one other country. What happens in Zypern will happen elswhere too. I doubt it will take place everywhere, but for that case go out fetch gold/silver and store it at home or overseas outside of banks.

Be prepared that you will loose some of it to the facist/socialists states. If it comes hard, every rule is overthrown.