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How to initiate a bank run

Well if you want to learn how to get rid of all trust, watch Zypress

I have read that the bank run should not take place. I guess this could be the most stupid sentence of this year. If you would have a bank account in Zypria, what would you do now if you see 10% of your property is gone? Would you believe this will not happen again? Or would you get your money out of the bank ?

In my opinion, this is now the end of banks in Zypress. It may be that a few will survive that , but that won't be zyprian banks alone. Just large banks of other countries may provide bank services.

You know will see (if you follow what will happen now) how poverty will explode. Zypress is part of the EU, and so those being able to get out of the country will do so. Zypress will get the poorest country in the whole EC.

The finance minister should have accepted everything but the theft of all bank account owners. I hope he'll get what he deserves for that.