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A system based on defraud

that's our current "currency system". Well in fact it does not even deserve the name currency. It's just some issued paper which is declared to be money. The same could be done with poo. I guess poo will hardly make it into "money" but it's even more real then funny colored papers.

Currency is undeserved because it's just an IOY, That means you may get something for it, but just as long as one accepts it as having some value. Which easily was destroyed more then once in the past. poo will be the "better" money. You can exchange it with food from a nursery. If you have your own piece of land it will server you much better than "the current money".

And still they even do rob this figures from the banks. That's the cypress deal... And it will struck down Cypress as sure as whatever.... I suggest you visit Cypress now and then again in 5 years you'll see what desparation makes out of a country. Those being able to leave will leave and those living behind will learn the meaning of poverty. They will be happy again to have their piece of garden for their most urgent feeding needs. And just the payments from out-of-the-land, will keep them afloat. That's the result of ECB and EC. They have destroyed the lives of so many, but won't see the invoice. The invoice goes to the European tax payer....

You can see the taunting smile of the "leaders". Just hope and prey it will hit them hard this time...