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Before it's getting better

it will get much worse.

That's an unfortunate truth about the end of an epoch. The mercantilism systems will break down. We do not know when, we do not know how, but we do know: The end will come.

You can see the writings on the wall. An Euro is not a Euro any more it very much depends on where you have it. Do you own it overseas it's kind of money, you own it in Germany it's kind of money you own it in cypress and it's well another kind of money. You own the Euro as US-citizen -> you can buy whatever you heart desired. You own it in Germany -> you can buy whatever you heart desires. you own it in Cypress and you can't get youre hands on it even if it's yours. Assume you want to buy a car. In Germany you go to the next car dealer and count down the money. In Cypress you go to you car dealer, then you have to fill out application, and then according to the mood of the national bank of cypress or ECB you may or may not get YOUR money ot buy the car.

So in fact the Euro is non existant any more. It' s now a convertible Euro and an inconvertibel Euro. It depens where you are. That's the same as if you had two different currencies. So in fact the Euro system is broken, and because of the possibility of the "cypress" solution in other countries it won't come back. It's now a question on how long the deledefs will be able to disappropriate bank account holders before, the money just will be gone.

Every soldier in Germany at the End of world war two has to see: Is it time to stop yet? If you'd stopped too ealier, the nazi government would kill you. You stop too late and the last bullet of the war may have hit you.. The arbitrariness was the highest at the end of the 1000 jährigem Reich...

And still there is no relief in sight, the state wil be resurrected and many of the old "elites" will be the new one again. That sucks