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It is never enough

money for all the promises of the deledefs.

There was the story that 17 billions for cypress would be enough. Even in this 17 billions 11 billion of new debts were "planned". Aside from that the disappropriation of the bank account owners took place.

Now another 6 billion are needed. And even here it's forseeable that it won't be enough. If we take some figures, then the bank in cypress should have 68 billon as assets. Now they had ot bear the EC inflicted loss of greek bonds, which mad them tumble. Anyway let's assume the sell-off price would be 34 billions, with the now 23 billions new debts (BTW that are around 24 000 € /each inhabitant of cypress) we are still 9 billions short on money.

And even with 34 billions, it won't be enough. Because now the economy will shrink at least of or around 30 to 50 %. Let us assume, that the Debt/GDB ratio with the 11 billions would be 100 %. That means cypress produces 11 billons and will shrink (in the best case) to around 7 billions. And let us also assume my figures from above are somewhat right. Then the debt will raise to 32 billons and so will go up to 32 / 7 457 %. Can you imagine that?

If anyone wants to make you believe cypress is saved, you simple can laugh at him. It's a lie from the begin to the end. It's the deledefs way...