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Does the fight against terrorism has made the US more safe?

Well after Boston one can see it has not worked that fine. Now does it have helped to control all air passenger data targeting US airports?

Could it be that the fight against terrorism just supports the fight against the US? Let us assume the US forces have killed a faimily in Afgahnistan, there is just one survivor and it's clear that they had nothing to do with any terrorism. Now his family is dead, would you think he does not think about revenge?

Ron Paul has warned in the past and asked to get your soldiers back. Did the Obama legislation have followed? No the US soldiers are around the wold an figthing terrorism and with every new innocent casualty the hate get's larger and larger, Should one think to follow Paus suggestion now and just see that the bombs won't explode in the US itself?

It's the base of terrorism that it always hits the "wrongs" more than the "rights". And every casualty on both sides just increases the hate. You will never ever get all the terrorists but you will suspect more and more to really be terrorists. That's a very bad way to think about your own population. The price has to be borne not by the adminstration but the people in the streets. Can that be worth it?