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The road to serfdom reloaded

Well it can' be a suprise to anyone, "The just state" is on it's way.

Now every larger central bank is in full "let's print us out of this mess" mode. Which just shows, the desparation. They print more and expect to "print" debts away. That surely won't work as ever before and never will do. But it means of course that savers must be discriminated against. You need the proper vocabulary to "justify" the state measures and which fits the stupidity of the voters.

You can't say. Let's take it away from a special group.You must argue wiht something like "higher taxes" for the "rich". Which eatself is just an expression of the phrase "eat the rich" but it sounds better it gives you more support from the looters. And that's what every totalitarian state justs loves. You must get the support from larger parts of the voting population, then y you have best chances to establish kind of thouhgt police.

You can really watch it here in Germany in all it's glory. The greens go into the next election with. "More taxes = more justice" . In Germany the voters of greens are not poor, they are those which get's paid from our state their whole life. So ever expanding government fits them. They control large parts of the "thoughts" of journalists and have the majority in schooles. And there we go. The are are against capitalism and they succeed, because enough see the capitalists as evil itself. That's brain washing, and it works really good here in Germany.