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The road to serfdom reloaded
Well it can' be a suprise to anyone, "The just state" is on it's way. Now every larger central bank is in full "let's print us out of this mess" mode. Which just shows, the desparation. They print more and expect to "print"...
Some misconceptions from the Greens
I know what I'm writing here is heresy. At least it is for the supposed to rule us well deledefs in Germany. Anyway here we go Now can we rely on actual an currently working renewable energy? Well the depressing answer is "no". We can't...
Why one can not choose for the Greens in Germany
It's very simple. They are at the bottom against capitalism and even worse they prefer a sort of dictatorship in the name of the "Environment". But and this should correctly be written BUT this does not hold for the members of parliament...