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Good news for the Italians
After now 2 months or so they still weren't able to choose new president. That has bought some time for the Italiens. They should get there Euros out of their banking system, go into some precious metals and open accounts in other non Euro countries...
A good thing from elections
Well I guess it was not intended but it seems Italy has no way of having a clear majority. That's good news for the Italians and even other citizens of the EU. (BTW you can play funny games with EU in German, because un- can be used to make everything...
Krugman's stupidity in just one Sentence:
Now that Italy, seems to be without "F├╝hrer". Krugman knows what do do about it all: Just print IOYs (they have the funky name Dollar in the US, and Euro in the EU) Anyway Central banks can print paper, but not wealth
Let's think a little bit
Well maybe thinking is a litttle to much maybe speculate would be the better word. As you may have read, Euro land is in as deep trouble as the US. It's an open question who really is the worse, but well that's another story. Now we have read...
Investors be aware
If you invest in the EU or Euro zone be prepard to not just econimic hindrance, expect the worst from politicians. Think of taxes on investments and the like and you may not be suprised. If you feel contract have to be obeyed, then forget this as soon...