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The lybian catastrophe
Before that all I wrote: http://mises.org/Community/blogs/fdominicus/archive/2011/08/31/the-chances-and-risk-for-lybia.aspx Now Lybia will get even less than even the French. Scharia as “base” or right. So in fact Lybia wants to exchange one kind of dictatorship...
The chances and risk for Lybia
Well it seems that Ghaddaffi was "gone".. That itself probably is good news. Now there will be some interims government. The people of Lybia now have chances hardly ever seen by countries like ours. The chances are gigantiv and the risks not...
War in Lybia
Well someone pointed me to: http://econlog.econlib.org/archives/2011/04/applied_ignoran.html That's worth spreading and has to be considered.
Just and unjust wars?
Well what's so very special about Lybia? Why is it "ok" to go to war with them but why not to any other dictatorships? We all know it can't e civil rights, because they never were a problem in the past and still ain't a problem with...
"Practical" arrangements
Ah well let's see the US consider military force against Libya. And no they do not consider the same for China. A "practical arrangement". If he enemy seem to have lost, get him. Otherwise do everything to please them. China has killed 25...