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Socialism at work
Well yes it is still at work, and getting stronger by the day. the SPD wants a stability and growth union in europe (that's newspeech for, we want to gain more control and put all in misery, but pst don't tell anyone) the dictatorship gets into...
Forget my last entry
It seems the vote is not held. This is interesting in two ways. At first it would be a democratic thing, that it is not held show that the deledefs do not want too loose anything they may get. Now anyway there will be some vote for a new Parliament, but...
Extension to "let's talk about real" money.
Here we got new attacks on rationality. Ideas to end democracy http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financialcrisis/8786665/Multi-trillion-plan-to-save-the-eurozone-being-prepared.html There was a reason that the US did not have a central bank up from the...