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Tell me lies, sweet little lies
The deledefs currently seem to rotate. Well this time I will not speak of the stupidity of americans to vote between two dead-bets, but the European masters of stupidity. Europe should guarantee the saving deposits of their people. I can reduce it to...
Too much money
on it's way. Well and it comes as it has to. The prices are on the raise. Be it metals, food, oil etc. Another push towards new bubbles will be the fact that bonds will not raise any more, and if they can not raise they will start to fall. If you...
déjà vu
Who does remember? http://fdominicus.blogspot.com/2008/10/they-are-raiding-again.html Just a bit over 2 years ago. Paulson demands 700 billions to his disposal. He got it and the US sunk a few other trillions in "bailing" out. Now see Baroso...