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It's slaughthering time again
It's getting a bit annoying. The last few weekends you could rely on a new strike against gold. The old saying is: First time is an accident, the second time it's an inccident, the third time it's enemies at work. It seems the paper gold "market"...
Reality bites
Well after the election, the "profane" reality strikes back. Suprise suprise the debt ceiling is broken again. 2 trillions more , just 2 or so years ago and still it isn't enough. Well after democracy comes kleptoracy q.e.d.
Some misconceptions from the Greens
I know what I'm writing here is heresy. At least it is for the supposed to rule us well deledefs in Germany. Anyway here we go Now can we rely on actual an currently working renewable energy? Well the depressing answer is "no". We can't...