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Three things a state should not do
It's not that difficult to write down but impossible to follow for "politicians" manipulation of offers manipulation of demand control a countries money Well you might think how could that be true. Well the point if if you do not let the...
Where not to invest?
Well now it's official, existing contracts are changed by states if they wan to. You do not believe me? Well check what Greece does to it's private debtors. So how could you expect that this won't be done by every country if the debts are...
I was fully right
with my yesterday entry. It is a catastrophe and it's the end of free countries in the EU. Everyone has to bear the costs of debt from each other and so the countries with the least debts are the biggest loosers. And the looters have won. Read Atlas...
War in Lybia
Well someone pointed me to: http://econlog.econlib.org/archives/2011/04/applied_ignoran.html That's worth spreading and has to be considered.
Kind of funny
well of course what is fun is in the eye of the beholder. However here in Germany someone has said something again forgeigner. Agreed we have the most negative record of all countries in that regard. However if you state simply trues you are rassist?...